Rajpramukh of Kamrupa

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Rajpramukh of Kamrupa
कामरूप के राजप्रमुख
কামৰূপৰ ৰাজপ্ৰমুখ
কামরূপের রাজপ্রমুখ
Rajpramukh Anirban Phatowali
since 8 June 2020
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveSenior Princess Arnisha
First monarchAnirban Phatowali
FormationJune 8, 2020; 3 years ago (2020-06-08)
ResidenceRajya Niwas, Kamrupa

The Rajpramukh of Kamrupa (Hindi: कामरूप के राजप्रमुख, Assamese: কামৰূপৰ ৰাজপ্ৰমুখ, Bengali: কামরূপের রাজপ্রমুখ), literally the Grand Ruler of Kamrupa, is the constitutional head of Kamrupa state in Vishwamitra. The executive power of the state is vested in him as the monarch of the state. The current rajpramukh, Anirban Phatowali, is the first Rajpramukh of Kamrupa and has been on throne since the establishment of the monarchy on 8 June 2020. He is the head of all religions in the state and also the head of the royal house, the House of Phatowali and is also the source of all titles, honours and dignities of its people. In addition, the rajpramukh is also a member of the Conference of Rulers, the body of the state rulers responsible for the election of the Rashtradhyaksh and the Uparashtradhyaksh.


Kamrupa was created as a state in June 2019 and was formally a part of the special administrative territory of Dadara and Kamrupa. In December 2019, it became an union territory and was placed under the administration of a lieutenant governor and later that of a governor. In early June 2020, the Council of State headed by its chairman and former president Dhrubajyoti Roy convened the members to discuss on matters related to national importance. The council, then, acting at the suggestion of its chairman approved for the establishment of a federal elective absolute monarchy in the nation. Under the proposals, it was suggested for the establishment of provincial monarchies each headed by a Rajpramukh and all the rulers would form the Conference of Rulers which would elect the federal ruler and their deputy.

On 8 June 2020, the monarchy came into existence both at the federal level and that in Kamrupa. Anirban Phatowali was installed as the first rajpramukh of the state while he appointed his elder sister Princess Arnisha as the heir presumptive with the title of a Senior Princess.


The Rajpramukh of Kamrupa is the executive head of state and head of government of the state of Kamrupa and has their control and influence over a wide range of subjects in the administration of the state and other decisions within the state's jurisdiction. The functions of the rajpramukh include:

  1. Discharge responsibilites of the executive head of state and head of government.
  2. Appoint the heir to the throne.
  3. Appoint the Regent of Kamrupa.
  4. Appoint the Chief Minister, if the position exists, in consultation with the heir.
  5. Appoint the Mayor of Dadara in consultation with the chief minister and the heir.
  6. Appoint other officials of the state including members of the administration, religious institutions, etc.
  7. Attend meetings of the Conference of Rulers and represent the state in the federal institutions.
  8. Discharge functions as asked by the Supreme Head of the Nation.
  9. Confer decorations of the state and the federation.
  10. Sign decrees and publish orders related to the state.
  11. Perform any duty which may arise from time to time or delegate them to the heir or other representatives.


The house law requires the person to be installed as the state's rajpramukh to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Be a member of the House of Phatowali.
  • Be a Hindu by birth or adoption.
  • Be sound of mind and language.
  • Not hold any other government positions in the state or the federation.


The succession to the throne of Kamrupa shall be limited to the nominated members of the royal house by the outgoing rajpramukh or only as per the line of succession as determined by the outgoing rajpramukh or the Household Council. The succession shall entirely be limited to a member of the royal house either by birth or adoption who must be a Hindu by religion. Any member of the royal house who is married to a non-Hindu shall be barred from succession to the throne.

The current order of succession is:

Rajpramukh Anirban Phatowali (born 2009)
Senior Princess Arnisha (born 2000)

Heir to the throne

The heir to the throne shall be the Senior Prince/Princess of Kamrupa who shall be appointed by the Rajpramukh of Kamrupa and must be a member of the bloodline of the rajpramukh. The Rajpramukh shall have the discretionary power to appoint and remove the heir to the throne.

The current heir to the throne is the elder sister of the rajpramukh, Princess Arnisha who has been the heir since the installation of her brother as the Rajpramukh of Kamrupa.


In case of temporary vacancy of the throne or in case of appointment of the Rajpramukh as the Rashtradhyaksh, the designated heir as appointed by the Rajpramukh shall be the principal regent of the state for the period as specified.

In case of a permanent vacancy or absence of the Rajpramukh, the regent may appoint a Regency Council comprising the regent as chairman, the members in the line of succession, the parents of the Rajpramukh and the chief minister.

List of Rajpramukhs of Kamrupa

(Coronation date)
Duration of reign Portrait
(Coronation, when available)
Date, parents
Birth Name Marriage Death Age House
Anirban Phatowali
Rajpramukh Anirban Phatowali
राजप्रमुख अनिर्बान फतोवाली
ৰাজপ্ৰমুখ অনিৰ্বন ফাটোৱালি
রাজপ্রমুখ অনির্বাণ ফাতোয়ালী
8 June 2020


3 years, 179 days 2 November 2009
Son of Prince Father Bhairav Phatowali and Princess Mother Runa Phatowali
Anirban Phatowali N/A Alive 14 years, 31 days House of Phatowali

Royal orders and decorations

The following are the royal orders conferred by Rajpramukh of Kamrupa.

  • The Most Esteemed Order of the Royal Family of Kamrupa (परम प्रतिष्ठित दर्ज़ह राजकुटुंभ कामरूप, Param Pratishthit Darjah Rajkutumbha Kamrupa): founded by Rajpramukh Anirban Phatowali on 22 March 2021. Conferred on members of the Kamrupa and foreign royal houses. Awarded in two classes:
    • Knight/Dame (D.K. I), Darjah Utama Rajkutumbha Kamrupa
    • Member (D.K. II), Darjah Prathama Rajkutumbha Kamrupa
  • The Premier and Exalted Order of Kamrupa (दर्ज़ह प्रधान उत्तम कामरूप, Darjah Pradhana Utama Kamrupa): founded by Rajpramukh Anirban Phatowali on 22 February 2021. Conferred for outstanding and meritorious contributions for the welfare of the nation and Kamrupa. Awarded in three classes:
    • Commander Grand Cross (D.S.U.K.), Darjah Sri Utama Kamrupa
    • Commander Grand Knight/Dame (D.P.U.K.), Darjah Utama Kamrupa
    • Commander (D.P.P.K.), Darjah Prathama Kamrupa
  • The Most Excellent Order of the State of Kamrupa (अति उत्कृष्ट दर्ज़ह राज्य कामरूप, Ati Utkrishta Darjah Rajya Kamrupa): founded by Rajpramukh Anirban Phatowali on 18 June 2020 in single grade, later junior grades were created on 22 March 2021. Conferred for services to the crown and the state. Awarded in four classes:
    • Knight/Dame Grand Cross (S.U.R.K.), Darjah Sri Utama Rajya Kamrupa
    • Knight/Dame Commander (D.U.R.K.), Darjah Utama Rajya Kamrupa
    • Commander (D.P.R.K.), Darjah Prathama Rajya Kamrupa
    • Member (D.S.R.K.), Darjah Sadasya Rajya Kamrupa

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