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Flag of Dadara
Coat of arms of Dadara
Sovereign state Vishwamitra
State Kamrupa
Established26 July 2020
City status26 July 2020
 • BodyDadara City Development Council
 • MayorBhargab Jyoti Medhi (NPC)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)  0%%
Time zoneUTC+05.30 (UTC)

Dadara is the capital city of the Vishwamitran state of Kamrupa and is one of the six cities in the nation. The city was created through a royal decree issued by Tanishkaa Patranabish, the then Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra on 26 July 2020 alongside the other cities. Dadara ranks fifth in the precedence of the cities. The administration of the city is carried out through a mayorial council and the development authority headed by the Mayor of Dadara who is appointed by the Rajpramukh of Kamrupa and serves in office on the pleasure of the appointer. The current Mayor is Sampriti Paul who was appointed on 26 July 2020 by Rajpramukh Anirban Phatowali.

Sister cities

The city of Dadara has been paired with several other cities through the Cupertino Alliance Twin Town program in June 2021. The cities are:

Desert District Ryanlandia
Aenopia Rocinante-Upon-Afon
New Athens Rosewell Province

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