Vishwamitran Overseas Territories

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Vishwamitran Overseas Territories
Anthem: "Peace is our goal"

Royal Anthem: " O! Our Great Ruler"
Sovereign stateVishwamitra
Largest territoryRabat-Mġarr
Official languages
GovernmentDevolved administrations under a constitutional monarchy
• Sovereign
Dhrubajyoti Roy
Farhaz Hazarika
• Minister of External Affairs (responsible for Overseas Territories)
Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia
• Total
2.1 km2 (0.81 sq mi)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

The Vishwamitran Overseas Territories (VOTs) consist of five Vishwamitra-administered dependent territories outside India, the ceremonial region of Vishwamitra and share a constitutional link with Vishwamitra. The territories are self-governing with an administrator appointed by the Rashtradhyaksh in consultation with the Minister of External Affairs of the union who enacts local laws. The relationship of the territories with Vishwamitra is based on mutual benefits and responsibilities. The foundations of this relationship are partnership, shared values and the right of the people of each territory to choose to freely choose whether to remain an overseas territory or to seek an alternative future. Since Vishwamitra is not an empire and foresees no ambition to proclaim itself as an empire, the overseas territories remain as devolved administrative divisions of the nation.

Due to the small area size and population, self-governance is not granted to the territories except for the power vested on the administrator to handle the security and defence, internal affairs, finance and expenditure, business and commerce, culture, tourism, media, sports, disaster management and emergency services. Any legal or constitutional decision pertaining to the territories is to be made by the sovereign and the Lok Sabha. The Vishwamitran government responsibilities regarding the overseas territories is vested to the Department of Overseas Territories under the Ministry of External Affairs.

Current overseas territories

The five Vishwamitran Overseas Territories are:

Flag Arms Name Location Area Annexed on Administrator Notes
New Alamo Texas, United States, North America 349 m2 (0.000 km2) 11 February 2021 David Augustus, Duke Augustus Claimed by the United States. Bordered by Monmark.
New Indischeland Java, Indonesia, Southeast Asia 800,000 m2 (0.800 km2) 18 August 2022 Manggala Alif Prasetia, Baron Prasetia Claimed by Indonesia.
Rabat-Mġarr Malta, Southern Europe 1,210,000 m2 (1.210 km2) 17 October 2022 Matthew Tonna, Count Tonna Claimed by Malta.
Provisional flag
Provisional flag
Roanoke North Carolina, United States, North America 81,596.77 m2 (0.082 km2) 10 September 2021 Bryce Smith Claimed by Begon and the United States.


The overseas territories of Vishwamitra are styled on the format of the British overseas territories except for the fact that the Vishwamitran overseas territories form integral part of the nation. The first overseas territory to be annexed by New Holland which was annexed from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom on 10 February 2021 followed by New Alamo and Cangun Llus in the same month. New Alamo was acquired under diplomatic territorial exchange with the Monmarkian Commonwealth, while Cangun Llus was acquired as a result of a land exchange with the Empire of Aenopia.

In due course, other territories were annexed as gifted lands by the citizens. In August 2021, Gullfelt was annexed followed by Swevalis. The most recent acquirement is that Rabat-Mġarr which was annexed in October 2022 from the Republic of Malta.

Five overseas territories, viz. New Holland, Cangun Llus, Sankewitasuwakon, Gullfelt and Swevalis have been expelled from the nation.

Former overseas territories

Flag Arms Name Location Area Annexed on Expelled on Administrator Notes
Cangun Llus West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Europe 112 m2 (0.000 sq mi) 14 February 2021 14 February 2022 Simon Reeve Returned to Aenopia after severance of relations.
Gullfelt Mississippi, United States, North America 480 m2 (0.000 sq mi) 19 September 2021 30 October 2021 Tucker Gladden
New Holland Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, Europe 500 m2 (0.001 km2) 10 February 2021 16 June 2022 Ava Calero
Sankewitahasuwakon Maine, United States, North America 560 m2 (0.001 km2) 14 May 2021 23 May 2021 Otto Green
Swevalis Queensland, Australia, Oceania 10 m2 (0.000 km2) 23 September 2021 10 July 2023 Rory Leonard


The head of state in the overseas territories is the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra, currently Dhrubajyoti Roy. The monarch appoints a representative in each territory to exercise their executive power. The representatives are titled as Administrators who are appointed by the monarch as the sovereign of the territories in consultation with the external affairs minister.

Legally, it is required for the administrators to be local residents of the territories and they are empowered to appoint deputy administrators for the territory to act as their deputies and to assist them in the discharge of their duties as the monarch's representative. The administrator is also responsible for the administration of the affairs of the territory including on subjects like security and defence, internal affairs, finance and expenditure, business and commerce, culture, tourism, media, sports, disaster management and emergency services.

The role of the administrator, formerly governor, is to act as the de facto head of state including carrying out ceremonial duties in the territory on the behalf of the monarch.

Disputed sovereignty

The annexations of the overseas territories are subject to territorial disputes with the macrostates. Though the macrostates do not recognize the annexations, these are yet treated as disputes as both the respective macrostates and Vishwamitra continue to exercise its sovereign rights over the territory. Vishwamitra shares a dispute with the United States of America on its territories of New Alamo and Roanoke; with the Republic of Indonesia on New Indischeland; and with the Republic of Malta on Rabat-Mġarr.

The overseas territory of Roanoke is also subject to a territorial dispute with the Tsardom of Begon which claims the territory to be a constituent kingdom under the tsardom, named as the "Kingdom of Brunsnia". Vishwamitra has been exercising its sovereign rights over Roanoke since September 2021 consequent to the territory joining the union following the brief dissolution of Begon and Brunsnia.


English and Hindi are official languages in Vishwamitra and all its territories as enshrined in Article 56 (Official languages) of the Constitution of Vishwamitra. Apart from the official languages, the territories have their scheduled and other working languages. They include:

While the three other territories use forms of english including:


The 5 Vishwamitran overseas territories use a varied assortment of local currencies, including the Euro, United States dollar, Australian dollar, etc. All local transactions are made in the local macronational currency and with the scheduled designation of the Vishwamitran rupiah in 2023, the rupiah will be pegged to the macronational currencies.

Territory Native currency Issuing authority
  • New Alamo
  • Roanoke
United States dollar ($) US Federal Reserve
  • New Indischeland
Indonesian rupiah (Rp) Bank Indonesia
  • Rabat-Mġarr
Euro (€) European Central Bank

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