Ministry of External Affairs (Vishwamitra)

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Ministry of External Affairs
Logo of the Ministry of External Affairs
Agency overview
Formed10 July 2016
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible

The Ministry of External Affairs, also known by its acronym as the MEA is the ministerial department of Vishwamitra responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations with foreign micronations and maintaining external security.

The Ministry of External Affairs is headed by the Minister of External Affairs, which is a cabinet-level official.


The Ministry was established on 10 July 2016 as the Ministry of External Affairs and remained with the same name until the ministry was renamed as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations on 9 June 2020.


The Minister of External Affairs (commonly shortened to Foreign Minister) is the minister in the Government of Vishwamitra who is responsible for overseeing the nation's international diplomacy and the foreign matters. The minister is the head of the Ministry of External Affairs and International Relations. The current minister is Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia who is serving in office since 18 March 2023. The cabinet minister is occasionally assisted by a deputy, the Minister of State for External Affairs. The current minister of state is Suryadeva Kapei since 14 May 2023.

Diplomatic missions of Vishwamitra

Map of the diplomatic missions of Vishwamitra.

The Ministry of External Affairs has numerous diplomats assigned to various states, regions and organisations; these are appointed by the Chief Ambassador on the advice of the First Ambassador, who through holding that office holds responsibility for relations with all nations and peoples that do not have a specifically designated diplomat. The function of ambassadors and consuls in countries which do not recognise Vishwamitra is simply to raise awareness of the State's existence within the country they have been assigned to and to represent the Empire to regional or national authorities should it be necessary.

Ambassadors are diplomats assigned to a sovereign state, whereas consuls-general and consuls are assigned to a specific region or city within a sovereign state. The majority of ambassadors do not have embassies over which the State has claimed extraterritoriality.

Current diplomatic missions






Former diplomatic missions



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