Union government ministries of Vishwamitra

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The Rashtradhyaksh exercises his executive authority over the government through a number of government ministries or departments of state. A ministry is composed of employed officials, known as civil servants, and is politically accountable through a minister. Most major ministries are headed by a cabinet minister who sits in the Union Council of Ministers, and is typically supported by a team of junior ministers called the Ministers of State.

Current ministries

Ministry (in English) Ministry (in Hindi) Departments Minister in-charge
Ministry of Armed Forces सशस्त्र बल मंत्रालय
  • Department of Armed Forces
  • Department of Veterans and Ex-service personnels Welfare
  • Department of Personnels Welfare
  • Royal Armed Forces
Johannes Mattias Toome, MoS (I/c)
Ministry of Cabinet Affairs कैबिनेट कार्य मंत्रालय Arthur Lacey-Scott
Ministry of Culture संस्कृति मंत्रालय
  • Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Department of National Heritage
  • Department of Arts
  • Department of Hindi and Other Languages Promotion
  • Department of Promotion of Indian Culture and Heritage
  • Department of Museums, Monuments and Palaces
  • Department of Registration
  • Department of Patents
  • Crystal Jubilee Celebration Committee
Rafe Burfield
Coordinating Ministry of Economy Development and Planning अर्थव्यवस्था विकास और योजना समन्वय मंत्रालय
  • Department of Economic Development
  • Department of Digital Economy
  • Department of Planning
Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
Ministry of Education शिक्षा मंत्रालय
  • Department of Educational Services
  • Department of Literacy
  • Department of Skill Development and Training
  • Department of Human Resource Development
  • Department of Science and Technology
  • Department of Innovation
Arsal Abbas Mirza
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources पर्यावरण और प्राकृतिक संसाधन मंत्रालय
  • Department of Environment
  • Department of Preservation of Natural Resources
  • Department of Climate Change
W. Pranit Singh
Ministry of External Affairs विदेश मंत्रालय
  • Department of International Relations
  • Department of Diplomatic Relations
  • Department of Overseas Territories
  • Department of Foreign Trade
  • Diplomatic corps
Arthur Lacey-Scott
Ministry of Federal Affairs and Administration संघीय मामले और प्रशासन मंत्रालय
  • Department of Federal Affairs
  • Department of Local Governance and Administration
  • Department of Municipalities and Mayoral Councils
  • Department of Interstate Communication and Cooperation
  • Department of Territorial Development
Suryadeva Kapei, MoS (I/c)
Ministry of Finance वित्त मंत्रालय
  • Department of Budget
  • Department of Financial Services
  • Department of Monetary Development and Creation
Rafe Burfield
Ministry of Health, Citizens Welfare and Population स्वास्थ्य, नागरिक कल्याण और जनसंख्या मंत्रालय
  • Department of Health and Sanitation
  • Department of Census
  • Department of Citizens Welfare Measures and Schemes
  • Department of Citizenship and Immigration
Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
Ministry of Home Affairs गृह मंत्रालय
  • Department of Internal Security
  • Department of General Administration
  • Department of National Co-existence and Official Languages
  • Department of Protocol
  • Department of Elections
  • Gazette of Vishwamitra
  • Royal Police Force
  • Election Commission
Princess Sarala
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting सूचना और प्रसारण मंत्रालय
  • Department of Information
  • Department of Public Relations
  • Department of Press
  • Department of Government Policy Promotion
  • Department of E-communications
  • Department of Digital Transformation and Dependence
  • Department of Media and Broadcasting
  • Department of Film Production
Rafe Burfield
Ministry of Law and Justice विधि और न्याय मंत्रालय
  • Department of Constitutional Affairs
  • Department of Legal Affairs
  • Department of Justice
  • Attorney General of Vishwamitra
Arsal Abbas Mirza
Ministry of National Defence राष्ट्रीय रक्षा मंत्रालय
  • Department of Defence Production
  • Department of War and Peace
  • Department of External Security
Farhaz Hazarika
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs संसदीय कार्य मंत्रालय
  • Department of Legislative Affairs
  • Department of Good Governance
Arthur Lacey-Scott
Ministry of the Prime Minister's Office प्रधानमंत्री कार्यालय मंत्रालय
  • Office of the Prime Minister
  • Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
  • Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances
  • Department of Civil Services
  • Department of Public Administration and Management
  • Department of Appointments
  • Department of Policy Implementation
  • National Advisory Council
W. Pranit Singh
Ministry of Religious Affairs and Minority Welfare धार्मिक मामले और अल्पसंख्यक कल्याण मंत्रालय
  • Department of Religious Affairs
  • Department of Minority Welfare
  • Department of Religious Tolerance
  • Department of Hindu Religious Affairs
  • Department of Islamic Affairs, Waqf, Hajj
  • Department of Christian Religious Affairs and Preservation
  • Department of Other Minority Communities (OMC) Welfare
Manggala Alif Prasetia, MoS (I/c)
Ministry of Social Welfare समाज कल्याण मंत्रालय
  • Department of Social Services
  • Department of Social Justice and Equality
  • Department of Human Rights and Grievances Redressal
  • Department of Community Development
  • Department of Welfare of Women and Child
  • Department of Welfare of Transgender people and LGBT people
Princess Sarala
Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports युवा मामले और खेल मंत्रालय
  • Department of Youth Welfare
  • Department of Sports
Manggala Alif Prasetia, MoS (I/c)

Defunct ministries

The following ministries once functioned, but have since become defunct, generally because of a merger with another ministry or division into new ministries.

Ministry name Established Defunct Fate
Ministry of Minority Affairs 12 October 2018 2 September 2019 Merged into the Ministry of Community Development.
Ministry of Internal Security 12 October 2018 3 March 2020 Merged into the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Ministry of National Development 6 August 2019 18 March 2023 Ministry abolished; Departments merged with the Ministry of Education, Parliamentary Affairs and Prime Minister's Office.
Ministry of Religious Affairs 24 November 2019 26 November 2019 Bifurcated into the Ministry of Hindu Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Muslim Religious Affairs.
9 December 2019 3 March 2020 Ministry abolished.
12 May 2022 11 June 2022 Merged with the Ministry of Minority Welfare to form the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Minority Welfare.
Ministry of Minority Welfare 12 May 2022 11 June 2022 Merged with the Ministry of Religious Affairs to form the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Minority Welfare.