Otto Green

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His Grace
Otto Green
Dominus Otto Betula Comes Lygoniae
Coat of Arms of Cenomannica
Lord Marshall of Salacia
Assumed office
3 May 2022
Predecessor Office formed
Governor of Cenomannica
Assumed office
11 August 2021
Predecessor Office formed
Consul of Austenasia
Assumed office
1 January 2022
Predecessor Hannah Augusta
Personal information
Born June 2001
Birth name Otto Green
Citizenship New Somersese
Nationality Canadian-American
Residence New Dijon, Salacia
Religion Roman Catholic

Otto Green (born 2001) is a New Somersese politician and diplomatic representative.

Micronational career

Otto Green began his micronational career under the name Otto Birch in 2015 with the nation of Mistak, quickly after joining forces with the micronation of Timberia to form Misberia in late 2018. During his time leading Misberia, the nation saw many shifts in government and policy throughout the time Misberia existed Otto was a prolific micronationalist and received the Micronationalist of the Month in May of 2020, Otto also was Secretary of Statistics for the Grand Unified Micronational. During the spring of 2021, Misberia was reformed into the Maritime Republic of the Damariscotta, however, changed back to Misberia after the nation merged with the Kingdom of Aspen and Grand Duchy of Liangsi to form the Confederation of the Northern Coast in the summer of 2021. Otto left the community in early January 2022, resigning as a MicroWiki Administrator and as the leader of the Austenasian region of Cenomannica.

Otto returned to the community in May of 2022 under the name of Otto Green leading the nation of Maritime Republic of Salacia and returning as Governor of the Austenasian region of Cenomannica. Following a week of talks Otto lead the creation of the Republic of New Somerset with the merger Most Serene Republic of Saint Andre and Baccalieu and the Maritime Republic of Salacia. Green currently serves as the Interior Minister of the State of Zenrax, Cabinet Minister of the Kingdom of Aspen and a Commission Member of the Vespucci Zone.

Ranks, titles and arms


  • Honorary Colonel of the Imperial and Royal Regiment of Hussars (Karno-Ruthenia, 2021)


Awards and decorations