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Republic of Poplar Nerva
Flag of Poplar Nerva.svg
Nerva CoA.png
Coat of Arms

De praeteritis ad futura (From the past to the future)
4th Poplar Revision.png North California, USA
Capital cityFord Island
Official language(s)English,
Official religion(s)Christianity (Anglican)
Short nameNerva
GovernmentUnitary Republic
- PremierPremier Jack of Nerva
Established30 May 2019
Area claimed2 Acres
CurrencyNervan Dollar ($) (NVD)
Time zoneUTC -08
National sportSwimming
National dishGrilled Salmon
National drinkTiger Beer
National animalSun Bear

The Republic of Poplar Nerva is a very small micronation off the coast of Northern California. It was founded on the 30 May 2019 by Premier Jack of Nerva as a micronation independent of the Commonwealth of Essexia. It was admitted into the Grand Unified Micronational as a provisional member on the 11 January 2020.


The name 'Poplar' derives from a plot of land in Greater Danbury, Essexia called as such, which Premier Jack had a long history of visiting, in addition to the tree. The name 'Nerva' was applied by the previous claimant of the area.



Nerva became independent from the Commonwealth of Essexia on 25 May 2019 after Parliament authorised the decolonisation of Essexia's Dominions. Premier Jack quickly and quietly claimed what had been Poplar Nerva, and founded the Republic on the 30th.

By August 13, Premier Jack was able to reach Everest Base Camp, a success widely acclaimed in Essexia, and commemorated by Summit Day in Nerva.

On 19 October General Election, the first of its kind, Premier Jack won in a landslide. With 100% of the vote, he remained Premier.

1st Development Phase

Late November 2019 is referred to as the First Development Period, in which the micronation rapidly expanded in size, both in terms of population and in terms of recognised land (This was when the first post-independence map was created). In particular, the 27th November 2019 saw the establishment of the Territory Recognition Act 2019 (See geography for more). Premier Jack announced to the population on 27 November 2019 at 16:00 GMT that the micronation had ratified the Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational.

18 December 2019 saw the Constitution Act passed by the Government, which called for the creation of a Constitution within 6 months, in order to solidify the Government and its structure.

Gay and Straight marriages were officially legalised on 2 January 2020, as the Republican government sought to make the nation more diverse and accepting. Premier Jack released a statement on 3 January 2020 recognising that the US strike on Iranian figure Qasem Soleimani was uncalled for, but that it may have been necessary to prevent further suffering. His statement provided precedent for Poplar Nerva to follow a utilitarian form of ethics when it comes to both domestic and international affairs. The House of Constituencies voted to outlaw the sale of Raw Water in Nerva on 5 January 2020, due to health risks it imposes. It was also noted by some members of the House that the Government should consider similar bans on tobacco, nicotine, cigarettes and vaping, but no official bill was put forward towards this. Premier Jack released a brief statement on 10 January 2020, promoting the full decolonisation of Essexia, however this remained unrecognised by the latter. Poplar Nerva attended their first GUM quorum on 25 January 2020.

COVID-19 Phase

In March 2020, Poplar's borders were closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. On the 21st, further measures were put in place, such as the issuing of virtual information pamphlets.

Following evidence of indecent activity between Daniel Morris of New Westphalia and a number of young, and sometimes underage, children, and specifically the reactions of the Old Guard and some delegates (Bradley of Wyvern and Christina of Cycoldia), the Government held an emergency online meeting, and voted unanimously to leave the organisation. Being present at the 2019 GUM Summit in Birmingham with Daniel Morris, but not being made aware of his past by the old guard also present, Premier Jack stated in a press relief that he was, "Completely disgusted by...Bradley and Christina", and voiced concerns regarding Jonathan of Austenasia's lack of any apology for potentially hiding the dark truth of Daniel Morris. Poplar rejoined a few days later, as they had not been formally removed.

Following re established contact on the 8th April between Poplar Nerva, Somcow and Misberia, a new map of the area was drawn up in the Two Nervas Solution. Poplar ceded the southern areas to Somcow, as Nervas original claim over the area was found to be in violation with previous negotiations. As a result, although the republic's size was greatly reduced, it's foreign relations and legitimacy were given a much-needed boost.

After the 10th May 2020 General Election, in which the Poplar Republican Party lost by 1 seat to the Poplar Conservative Party, Premier Jack lost his position to Party leader of the Conservatives Premier Benedict of Nerva. Jack subsequently left the Grand Unified Micronational, and ensured Benedict was permitted to enter.

Poplar was suspended from the Grand Unified Micronational following the Second Essexian Civil War, after the nation supported the Federation over the Commonwealth of Essexia. However, the organisation found that the means by which this was achieved were unconstitutional, and so Poplar's membership was reinstated. In addition, due to the handling of the entire ordeal, Premier Benedict was voted out of office by the HoC, which was reinstated following the end of the COVID-19 lockdown on the 31st May 2020.

The House of Constituents called a snap election on the 14th December 2020 due at some point in December. It was controversial as it arrived during Premier Jack's campaign for GUM chair. The Supreme Court found, however, that the method by which this election was called was illegal. Subsequently, there has been no general election.

2nd Development Phase

A new, more representative Coat of Arms was adopted by national referendum on the 20th March 2021. It also established the palm tree as a national symbol of Poplar Nerva. In addition, it was on the 20th March that a Cabinet was formally created. It consists of the Premier of Poplar Nerva, as well as the Secretaries of the Departments of State. Plans were made to alter the format of future Bills. The New Land Area Act 2021 reinstated claims to the islands to the South and South-East of Poplar, after the dissolution of Misberia led to the de facto end of the Flavian Nerva claims.[1]


The Republic of Nerva is a Presidential Republic, lead by a Premier (Equivalent of a President), who is elected in National Elections. There are three branches of the Nervan government:

The Legislative is made up of a unicameral house that creates laws and votes them into being, called the Hall of Constituencies (HoC). There is one Representative for each Constituency, who is voted for by the constituents of that area.

The Executive branch is led by the Premier, beneath which is the Deputy Premier (Often abbreviated to the Deputy). This branch carries out the laws that the HoC has passed.

The Judicial branch interprets these laws through the Supreme Court, beneath which is the Court of Appeals, beneath which is the Constituency Courts. Judges are elected by the Constituents for the Constituency Courts, by the Constituency Courts for the Court of Appeals, and chosen by the HoC for the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court, and the Poplar legal system, were agreed to be made by the Poplar MLC on the 24th January 2020, alongside their work on the Essexian legal system.

Party Spectrum Leader Parliamentary seats Logo
Poplar Republican Party PRP Centre-right Premier Jack Esq.
3 / 11
PRP 2.png
Poplar Conservative Party CON Centre-right Rep. Benedict
2 / 11
Independent N/A N/A None
6 / 11


In an unprecedented move, the HoC volunteered by majority vote to suspend their legislative sittings to prevent the "unnecessary risk" of spreading COVID-19, on the 21st March 2020. Furthermore, before suspending the HoC, Representatives voted to enact a State of Emergency bill, placing the nation on a higher state of caution. It was reinstated on the 31st May 2020 by Premier benedict.

Under the infamous Consolidation Act of the 8th November 2020, the Poplar Posadist and Pluto-Praising Party and Poplar Populist Party were merged into the Poplar Conservative Party and Poplar Republican Party respectively. This was in order to stabilise the nation following months of COVID-related lockdown and restrictions, and to spur the government into action.

From the 19th March 2021, it was decided that a number of great reforms would take place. Firstly, the Hall of Constituencies would be renamed to Representative Hall (RH). On the 20th, the cabinet and government departments were formalised. The number of seats in RH were officially expanded from 5 to 11 on the 25th March 2021 - although legislated by a unanimous vote, this will be added to an upcoming constitutional rewrite.


Portfolio Minister Party Since
Cabinet ministers
Premier Premier Jack Esq. PRP 3 June 2020
Secretary of the Domestic Department Rep. Terrence 20 March 2021
Secretary of the Diplomacy Department Rep. Maurice PRP 20 March 2021
Secretary of the Treasury Department Rep. Harry PRP 20 March 2021
Secretary of the Justice Department Rep. James Esq. 20 March 2021
Secretary of the Defence Department Rep. Frank CON 20 March 2021
Speaker of the House Rep. Benedict CON 20 March 2021
Also attending cabinet meetings
Deputy Secretary for Health and Education Vacant
Deputy Secretary for Media and Culture Rep. Jorge 20 March 2021
Deputy Secretary for Currency Vacant

Foreign Relations

Poplar Nerva is a member of the Grand Unified Micronational, and regularly engages and treaties, projects and opportunities between micronations.

Recognised States

Formal Relations

Premier Jack signed a Treaty of Mutual Cooperation with Otto Gillespie Birch of the Directive of Misberia on the 11th April 2020, ensuring both nations would enter into relations and do so respectfully. However, this ended on the 2nd June 2020, when Misberia ended recognition of Poplar Nerva following the events of the Second Essexian Civil War. Misberia was dissolved in 2021, and as such Poplar Nerva stopped recognition of Flavian Nerva.

After the disappearance of Somcow from the micronational community, the Republican government sought to alter Nerva's claim during November 2020. At the same time, Otto Gillespie Birch of Misberia sought to gain territory in the Nerva region as well. As such, negotiations were held on the 14th November 2020 to discuss the matter, and a new map was produced on the 15th by Premier Jack. Nerva regained it's previous capital, Ford Island, whilst Misberia gained the most southern and eastern islands under Flavian Nerva. Poplar Nerva also stopped recognising Somcow after these negotiations.

Following an announcement by the Essexian CAe Systems regarding their progress on the JAFA Program[2], the Defence Department Secretary Rep. Frank announced Nerva's interest in procuring a single combat aircraft for display/air show purposes. However, Essexia is yet to respond to this request.[3]

On the 30/04/2021, and after some days of talks, Poplar Nerva signed a treaty of Mutual Recognition with the State of Vishwamitra. This is after both states having unilaterally recognised each other as part of the recognition of all GUM member states.


The Government's stance has always been that they see no situation where they will need any effective military, seeing as the micronation is an Island. Either it will be left to it's devices, or should another Nation or organisation seek to take it, any fight that Nerva would put up would be effectively useless and only prolong an unnecessary conflict. Therefore, only the Ceremonial Republican Navy exists. The CRN allows Nerva to reap the rewards of an icon of strength and unity without having to invest in a useful show of force.

It is limited to only practical vessels, and therefore only operates the CRNS Pacific, a 2-person sailing vessel capable of traversing coastal waters. It was introduced to the Poplar Navy prior to the creation of the CRN as a Dominion defence asset. However, it has never sailed for the nation.

CRN ships are stored and maintained by Paddocks Boat Co, an Essexian ship-specialist company.

Ceremonial Republican Navy Vessels
Name Type Introduced Fate
CRNS Pacific Manned sailing vessel (2 Occupants) 5th April 2019 In service


Nerva's prime culture outlet is 'The Nervan Guardian' magazine, run as a cooperative venture by the Dean Network. It covers topics from both Nerva and the wider micronational community, roughly once a month. A website for the Nervan Guardian was finalised on the 19th March 2021.[4] As a result of the Language Act 2020, Poplar Nerva rescinded recognition of any language other than English (United Kingdom) as an official language of the republic.


Poplar Nerva is located off the coast of North-Eastern California. It features 11 constituencies which all administrate a number of islands.

Current claims

Ford Island, originally Mecca Island when Nerva was an Essexian Dominion, was named after Chelmsford Conservative MP Vicky Ford for her contribution to Essexia and, therefore, Nerva. It is the capital Island, and features grassland on the East side, and sand and rocks on the West side. Rocks shield the Island from oncoming waves. It briefly belonged to Somcow for most of 2020, but returned to Nerva after the 15th November 2020.

The Northern Territory is comprised of Poplar Island, Edward Rock, William Rock, the Nord Islands and the Ost Islands. The latter of these two Islands were added as a result of the New Land Area Act 2021 on the 20th March 2021. Poplar Island is actually somewhat of two Islands, but for constituency simplicity they are named as one. They are mostly rocky but with some grass on the peaks.

The Eastern Territory, named the New Purleigh Archipelago, is a semi-permanent area of rocks between Ford and Poplar Island. It was kept as a constituency as under Dominionship they had been considered so.

The Southern Territory was the only full constituency that was added by the government following independence, but was brifely controlled by Misberia under Flavian Nerva. It's comprised of three areas; Brent Rock to the West (Named after British comedian David Brent, who has featured prominently in Essexian popular culture entertainment), Flavia Rock in the middle (named after the now-defuny Misberian 'Flavian Nerva', which briefly controlled the Southern Territory and Administrative Area Territory. Originally named Whittingdale Rock after Maldon Conservative MP John Whittingdale for his contributions to Essexian and Nervan development) and Cameron Rock in the East (After former British Prime Minister David Cameron for his historic influence on the people of Essexia).

Between the Nervan area and the United States of America lie 53 recognised pieces of landmass (Namely rocks) that Nerva wished not to claim due to proximity issues and a lack of necessity. Therefore, these comprised a large area between the two nations referred to as a Co-administrative Area, which was represented in the HoC but in the interests of continued cooperation with the US. They became a part of Flavian Nerva on the 15th November 2020, but were reintegrated as the Second Co-Administrative Area on the 20th March 2021 as a result of the New Land Area Act 2021.

Previous claims


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