Premier of Poplar Nerva

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Premier Jack of Nerva

since 3 June 2020
Premier of Poplar Nerva
AppointerCitizens of Poplar Nerva

The Premier of the Presidential Republic of Poplar Nerva is the Head of State and Head of Government, and is elected by popular vote. There have been 3 Premiers in Poplar's history, and only 2 separate Premiers.

The Premier is not absolute, as they are confined to abiding by the Constitution. However, the Premier is still the single most powerful position in the nation.


The role of Premier was created by Premier Jack Esq. of Nerva, the founder of the nation. Being a Presidential Republic, Poplar Nerva is collectively managed by the Premier, however they may delegate their powers to other Government Ministries. These delegation powers weren't expanded upon until the 20th March 2021, however, when Premier Jack created the cabinet.

Premiers of Poplar Nerva

Premiers of Poplar Nerva
Name Party From Until Duration Ministry Notes
Jack Esq. Poplar Republican Party 30th May 2019 10th May 2020 346 days Foundation Ministry
  • First Premier
Benedict Poplar Conservative Party 10th May 2020 2nd June 2020 23 days Conservative Ministry
  • Shortest term
  • Only Conservative premiership
Jack Esq. Poplar Republican Party 3rd June 2020 Present Isolationist Ministry (Until 7th November 2020)

Development Ministry

  • First premier to serve multiple non-consecutive terms.
  • Introduced the cabinet and seals