Dean Events Naming System

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The Dean Events Naming System (DENS) is an etymological practice in the Commonwealth of Essexia created by the Rt. Hon. Jack MP and based on the term 'Black Weekend' coined by the Essexian magazine and Finn.


The first use of something similar to DENS was when 'The Essexian', a magazine created by Finn who was somewhat involved in the event, coined the term 'Black Weekend' for the events of the 20th-21st July 2019. Whilst Jack didn't invent the method applied in DENS, he did set the precedence for it's use by coining the terms 'Grey Weekend' for the events of the 4th-5th January 2020, and to a lesser extend 'Beige Friday' for the events of the 14th-15th February 2020 (Although this latter example is often better known by the term coined by then-Supreme Judge William I of Gradonia, 'Raging Valentines').


After a significant event has taken place in Essexia (usually a political controversy), the term is coined using first an often drab or uninteresting colour followed by the day or part of the week that the event took place in.

Hypothetical Examples
Colour Day/Part of Week
Black Weekend
Grey Weekend
Beige Friday
Off-white Thursday
Turquoise Monday


  • Brown Week - 16th-19th September 2018 - First political controversy in Essexia and first coup.
  • Black Weekend - 20th-21st July 2019 - First instance of martial law in Essexia.
  • Grey Weekend - 4th-5th January 2020 - Second instance of martial law and catalyst for events of Beige Friday.
  • Beige Friday - 14th-15th February 2020 - One of the most significant political controversies which fundamentally led to Essexia's second general election and Jack's first term as First Minister.
  • Hot Pink Friday - 19th February 2021 - Not named after a drab-colour, but a remarkably similar enough event to be included here.