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Carson I of Northwood-Oregon

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Carson I
Carson I in September 2021
Co-Sovereign of Northwood-Oregon
Reign29 September 2020 – present
Coronation1 August 2023
Co-SovereignSarah I
High King of Mediolaurentia
Reign16 March 2023 – present
PredecessorAlexander I
ArchchancellorChris Ramsay
Emperor of Aenopia
Reign4 July 2022 – present
PredecessorSimon I
Chair of the Cupertino Alliance
In office
31 January 2022 – 31 July 2022
Lt. ChairJames Murray
Preceded byTyler Mullins
Succeeded byLarry Martin
Lord President of the Empire of Sayville
Assumed office
16 August 2019
MonarchFrancis Karma
Member of Baustralian Parliament
for Middlesex
Assumed office
17 September 2020
Prime Minister
Carson Thomas Snyder

26 October 2003 (2003-10-26) (age 20)
OccupationBag room staff
Political partyThe 78's (2021-present)
Other political
PartnerCountess Jordan Silva
  • Richard Snyder I (father)
  • Stephanie Carter (mother)
RelativesPreston Snyder (brother)
ReligionRoman Catholic
Military service
Years of service
  • Baustralia 2020 – 2023
  • Vishwamitra 2021 – 2023
Commands Provost Marshal (Army)

Carson I (Carson Thomas Romanos Snyder; born 26 October 2003) is the current Co-Sovereign of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon and former Chair of the Cupertino Alliance. Through their work in Northwood-Oregon and the Cupertino Alliance, they developed a reputation for professionalism amongst some in the community. They played a pivotal role in the readmission of the Empire of Sayville into the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions, the founding of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon and the writing of its Canon Governing Document, and the writing of the Berard-Malloy Convention on Territorial Disputes.

Carson I founded the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon on 29 September 2020 and grew it to comprise of over a hundred local citizens, nine member states, and a fair legislative background in under a year. Northwood-Oregon would join the Cupertino Alliance on 21 April as an observer state, where Carson I would act as the sole delegate until Northwood-Oregon was upgraded to full membership on 7 May, at which time they became the primary delegate. Working in the alliance, they were a primary reason that the Berard-Malloy Convention was written and ratified after the standing committee dealing with the convention fell into inactivity. Their work in writing the convention and during sessions would see them be recognized by the current Chair of the Cupertino Alliance, Simon Reeve, by receiving the delegate class Cupertino Service Ribbon.

During the August Cupertino Alliance Chair election, Carson I was invited to join the campaign team of Varuna Sriraya from Vishwamitra, where they acted as a high-level campaign manager, although most of their work was in the background, leaving them out of any scandals of the election. After Roy's victory in the election, Carson I was considered for, nominated to, and later confirmed as the Superior Judge of the Cupertino Alliance on 16 August 2021. They would later nominate Phillip Joseph Pillin of Pibocip and Charles Burgardt of Sayville as their associate judges, both of whom were confirmed to the position. On 31 January 2022, Carson I would become Chair of the Cupertino Alliance after acquiring 73.1% of the vote in the January 2022 election.

Early life

Carson was born in Oregon, Ohio on 26 October 2003 where they were raised for their early life. Born into a religious family they were raised, and remain, Catholic, attending Sunday religious lessons. They have participated in musical theatre since age nine in 2013. They were raised with influence from their family, being that they were the first, and only, born of their generation in their immediate family until the birth of their brother four years later. Living less than a street away from a family member in their youth, their family became a central point in their life. Throughout education, they had been typically placed in advanced or "Gifted and Talented" courses and were assumed to go into a field of engineering due to state testing scores. Despite this, a liking of theatre and debating was what guided most of their education and extracurricular choices, leading them to focus on band, choir, and social science courses.

Micronational career

While originally being based solely on the website NationStates, Carson got involved in micronationalism due to their involvement in the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions and influence from the King of the Sayvillians, Charles Burgardt.

Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions

In the Commonwealth, Carson temporarily became the Emperor for the Empire of Sayville after the former Emperor abdicated suddenly. Due to issues of mass membership in the Commonwealth, however, most Sayvillian nations, or regions, were removed unless they could prove that they were active enough to warrant membership. It was during this time that Carson used some connections to help grow the Empire of Sayville, as well as abdicating the throne to another Emperor, Francis Karma. These changes eventually lead to the Empire of Sayville's re-entry into the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions. They would later be appointed to the position of Prime Minister within the Empire until the passage of a Constitution disbanded the position and they were appointed to the position of Lord President.

Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon

Carson had multiple independent ventures into micronationalism before the creation of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon on 29 September 2020. Most notably the Priminos Imperium, which had passed a constitution before falling into obscurity. They currently serve as the King of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon, where they have played a pivotal role in the creation of the Kingdom's duchies, principality, baronies, and its former free state. On 8 January 2020, they passed the Canon Governing Document of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon which they wrote along with Duke Grant Bruns.

Weisserian Commonwealth

After learning about the then-unnamed Weisserian Commonwealth through their long-time friend Space after questioning him on his inactivity in the Osme Free State, Snyder joined the Commonwealth's Discord guild and was granted citizenship. Carson remained fairly uninvolved in local politics and the Commonwealth as a whole, only assembling the nation's microwiki page. After the passage of a new constitution in the Commonwealth after a coup by the founder, Adryvia, Snyder was considered to fulfill the position of Baron of Weisseria, a largely ceremonial position. They would lose the bid for this position to Simon Reeve and instead would become the Minister of Justice on 5 February 2021 under the administration of Prime Minister Space. This position would be short-lived, however, as Reeve would later abdicate his position of Baron, with Snyder being placed in the position on 13 February. In their position, Snyder wrote and passed legislation to create the Order of the Weisserian Commonwealth and to establish an official style for the position.[1] During this time a new charter for the Commonwealth would be passed, extending the Baron's responsibilities to putting items to vote in the Commonwealth's assembly. After extended inactivity, Snyder declared Weisseria defunct on 26 June 2021.

Kingdom of Atiera

Carson became a citizen of the Kingdom of Atiera on 12 June 2021 before joining the Atieran People's Union after being invited by party leader William Cooper. In the party, Carson would become National Director and participate as a convention delegate. Carson would go on to run for a position in the 2nd Parliament of Atiera in the riding of Gaia, but would lose in the election on the 25 July to Rory Leonard, who achieved a majority with 72.7% of the vote. They were removed from the Atierian Discord server on 24 August, along with numerous other members, without an update on the status of their citizenship until Atiera was dissolved on 25 August.

Empire of Oskonia

Carson I became a citizen of the Empire of Oskonia on 19 September 2021 and would announce their intention to run for the Deputertkammer, the legislature of Oskonia, on 21 September and would proceed to found the Oskonian Firecracker Party later that day. After multiple delays of the election and other internal issues, the government of Oskonia was dissolved by Chancellor Jayden Dagsa followed by Oskonia itself being dissolved by Emperor Tucker I.[2]

Principality of Galte

Carson I became a citizen of the Principality of Galte on 24 August 2021 in the state of Equitas. Carson I would run for a seat in the Chamber of Deputies in the riding of Equitas East for the Galtean People's Union, and would win the vote over their opponent Jan Muñoz.[3] Carson I would then be unanimously confirmed as the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. Carson I would then be declared Regent of Galte on 31 October by joint-resolution of the cabinet of ministers and Prince Michael.[4]

Work in the Cupertino Alliance

Carson I originally joined the Cupertino Alliance as an observer delegate for Northwood-Oregon when it was admitted as an observer on 21 April 2021. They would then become the primary delegate for Northwood-Oregon when it was admitted as a full member on the 7th of May.

Carson at the Toledo Museum of Art's 'Community' exhibition c. 2019

In June 2021, in preparation for the 100th session Cupertino Digital Summit, Carson I established that the convention, which would be presented at the convention to be signed by participants, should focus on defining and solving territorial disputes. The work on the convention was slow to start, and eventually, supervision of the creation of the treaty was handed to Carson I by then Chair of the Cupertino Alliance, Simon Reeve, due to Carson I being active in the committee and Reeve needing to focus on other aspects of the upcoming summit. Work would then take off on the treaty, which had been come to known as the Berard-Malloy Convention on Territorial Disputes named after an area in the Kingdom of West Sayville, which was part of a sector which typically dealt with claim disputes, and it would be completed in time to be presented at the digital summit. In total, nine states would sign the convention on 2 July and Carson I would later be recognized by Reeve with the delegate class Cupertino Service Ribbon on 10 August for their work on the convention.

During the 2021 August Cupertino Alliance Chair election, Carson I was asked to support the campaign of Varuna Sriraya of Vishwamitra. After agreeing to support, they joined the campaign team as a campaign manager and assisted the campaign mostly from the background, keeping themself out of the spotlight during any scandals the campaign faced. Near the end of the campaign, Carson I would become outspoken in campaign channels regarding their support, posting a message in full support of the campaign. After the election of Roy to the position of Chair, Carson I was nominated as Superior Judge of the Cupertino Alliance and would then be confirmed in the position by the Cupertino Alliance Parliament on 16 August 2021 in a vote of eighteen in favor, two against, and one abstaining. Carson I would then go on to nominate Charles Burgardt and Phillip Joseph Pillin as their associate judges, both of whom would be confirmed to their positions.

By August in the Cupertino Alliance, more problems in the 2020 edition of the Charter of the Cupertino Alliance were mostly being brought to light by Sertor Valentinus. While initially falling to the Superior Court to sort through the issues, it eventually became apparent that a new charter would be necessary. Carson I would begin work on what would become the 2021 edition of the Charter of the Cupertino Alliance in mid-October and would work through December. By this point, Roy had resigned from his position as Chair after a vote of no confidence was tabled against him and Lieutenant Chair Tyler Mullins assumed the position of Chair. This new charter would be reviewed by Tyler Mullins, Charles Burgardt, Daniel Hamilton and was shared with the writer of the 2020 edition of the Charter Jayden Lycon. The charter would, in the end, total to twenty-eight pages with seventy-six articles. The charter would be placed in a standing committee for review, and would eventually be placed to be discussed during sessions of Parliament. Carson's charter would then be ratified in a vote of fourteen in favor, two against, and four abstaining.

Since the passage of the charter, Carson I has written multiple bills for the Cupertino Alliance and had announced their candidacy for the January 2022 Cupertino Alliance Chair Election alongside James Murray as Lieutenant Chair.[5][6] On the 25 January 2022, Snyder won the election with 73.1% of the vote. They would later take office alongside Murray on 31 January 2022.

Work in the Constantia Pact

An example of opposition towards Carson I made in assumed jest, present in a Jackbox game.

Carson I joined the Constantia Pact as a primary delegate for Northwood-Oregon when it joined the pact on 26 August 2021 after being invited to do so on 22 August. Carson I would become an observer delegate of the pact to the Grand Unified Micronational on 1 October after the pact was admitted as an observer.

On 19 November 2021, Carson I introduced a bill entitled the "Internal Recognition Act" to the general assembly of the pact. The bill faced minor controversy, notably from the Chair of the Constantia Pact at the time, Sertor Valentinus. The bill made it so that every member of the Constantia Pact would recognize one another as sovereign and independent states, something that Valentinus and others like Liam Alexander feared would be unsustainable as the Pact grew. Carson I and others like James Murray argued that mutual recognition for each should be a given due to the pact's mission of creating diplomacy between its member states, and due to it being an invite only pact. Carson I argued this point saying,

It's pointless to be an organization dedicated to fostering relations between member states if the member states don’t even view each other as legitimate.

— Carson I on the Internal Recognition Act, 26 November 2021

In the end, the act passed on 7 December 2021 in a vote of nine in favor and one opposed.

Political beliefs

Carson I has typically made it hard for a proper explanation of his political beliefs to be carried out. Their sarcastic and argumentative attitude has led to many of their friends, and others, being unsure where exactly they stand most of the time. They have only described themselves to few as a pragmatic monarchist, though others have taken to refer to them as both a monarcho-socialist and an enlightened absolutist. Despite these assumptions, most systems created by Carson I have been centered around a constitutional monarchy with powerful monarchs.

Orders, decorations, standards, and arms

National honours
Foreign honours
  • Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth:
    • Order for Diplomatic Merit, Member First Class, 24 March 2021; Member Special Class, 2 July 2021; Order dissolved 16 October 2022 [13]
    • Diplomatic Service Medal, 14 November 2022 [15]
  •  Republic of Avalonia:
    • Presidential Medal of Independence with Distinction, 15 December 2021 [36]
    • Prestigious Order of the Blue Sun, Distinguished Commander, 15 December 2021 [36]
    • Exalted Order of the Geležinis Vilkas, Distinguished Commander, 6 January 2021 [37]
  • Empire of Levinia:
    • Officer of the Order of Gratitude, 14 November 2023
    • Officer of the Order of Diplomatic Friendship, 28 November 2023
Organizational honours
Personal arms
armorial achievement
Armorial achievement in
Armorial achievement in
Armorial achievement in
Armorial achievement in
Personal standard
Royal standard


One-act plays


A photo of the original cast of Taylor and Oats, a show written by and fully performed by Northwood-Oregonian Citizens. From left to right, Sav Large, Carson Snyder, Alisha Marshall, Grant Bruns.

Carson I has been involved in theatre since 2013 originally primarily performing in musicals with local community theatre groups such as Oregon Community Theatre in the form of its youth program until joining the Clay High School Limelighters. Carson I would infrequently return to Oregon Community Theatre's youth program as a backstage helper but hasn't since 2022.

During their time as a part of Limelighters, Carson I was able to be casted in multiple speaking and lead roles in both plays and musicals. Carson I would also serve on the group's student government body as social media manager their junior year and as president in their senior year.

Following their attendence at Bowling Green State University, Carson I would join the Plastic Shatners, the college's short form improv troupe. They are currently serving as the groups photographer, a role primarily tasked with assising the social media chair, in the sophomore year. After starting to perform improvisional theatre, Carson I hasn't returned to performing other types of theatre.

Performances in scripted theatre
Year Title Role Notes Group
2013 Music Man Jr. Chorus Oregon Community Theatre
2014 Peter Pan Jr. Hop
2015 The Sound of Music Goatherd
2016 James and the Giant Peach Jr. Puppeteer Puppeteer for Centipede's puppet representation.
The Lion King Jr. Chorus Was also an elephant operator. Ram Drama
2017 The Wizard of Oz Uncle Henry Double casted in the chorus, performed in chorus in two of the four performances. Oregon Community Theatre
Dear Edwina Cordell Jr. Limelighters
2018 Madagascar Jr. Private Ram Drama
Elf Jr. Buddy Double casted in the chorus, performed in chorus in two of the four performances. Oregon Community Theatre
Annie Louis Howe Limelighters
2019 Clue: On Stage (High School Edition) Professor Plum
The Music Man Charlie Cowell Was also the male swing understudy.
The Addams Family Death Was also in the chorus simultaneously.
Frostbite Matt
2020 Fiddler on the Roof Fyedka Show cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.
Bright Star Billy Cane Show aired virtually due to COVID-19 pandemic.
2021 Cinderella (Enchanted Edition) Butcher Was also in the chorus simultaneously. Joined the production after the conclusion of Bright Star.
Taylor and Oats Magical Granola Wizard None [e]
Shrek The Musical Pinocchio Was also a Duloc dancer. Limelighters
Leave It to Carson Carson None [e]
All Together Now! Nicely-Nicely Johnson Was also in the chorus simultaneously, did not perform as Johnson one night due to an alumni performance. Limelighters
2022 Radium Girls Arthur Roeder
Big Fish Will Bloom
Performances in improvisional theatre
Year Title Notes Troupe
2022 Preferably the Mouth of a Friend The Plastic Shatners
Papa Can't Have a Snack?
Faster, Son, Faster!
Falcon Fuse (Day One - 2022) Portion cut amidst the performance.
Falcon Fuse (Day Two - 2022) Performed with an instanced team. Born to be a Dad
2023 Tides (2023) Performance at the Tides event at the Ohio State University, hosted by Fish Bowl. The Plastic Shatners
University of HELL
Plastic Parts (2023) Combined show with Lady Parts Comedy.
Lake Effect (2023) Performance at the Lake Effect event at Case Western Reserve University, hosted by IMPROVment.
Collab Show (2023) Combined show with Bad Genetics.
The Elders Show with various alumni of the Plastic Shatners.
The Experimental Show (2023)
The Last Shat
Gorp Corner
Declaration of Fishdependence
Falcon Fuse (Day One - 2023)
Falcon Fuse (Day Two - 2023) Performed with an instanced team. RagTag Improv
1 Day as a Train is Better than 100 Years as a Man The Plastic Shatners
2024 Tides (2024) Performance at the Tides event at the Ohio State University, hosted by Fish Bowl.
Don't Even Bother
Lake Effect (2024) Performance at the Lake Effect event at Case Western Reserve University, hosted by IMPROVment.
The Experimental Show (2024)
The Alumni Show
In theory... let me restart! Please! Wait!
Going Nuts! (Day One - 2024) Performance at the Going Nuts! event at Kent State University, hosted by the Black Squirrel Improv Troupe.
Going Nuts! (Day One - 2024) Performed with an instanced team. The Society


Carson was born to Richard Snyder I and Stephanie Carter. The earliest known ancestor of Carson who immigrated to the United States was Albert Hymore, who was naturalized on 22 May 1952 in the Northern District of Ohio of the United States District Court. Carson had their genetics and ancestry tested by 23andMe, finding that 96.6% of his ancestry being located in Europe. More specifically, 35.0% from the United Kingdom and Ireland, 23.7% from Germany, 16.0% from Poland, 10.4% from Italy, 7.5% from broad northwesten Europe, 3.9% from broad Europe and 0.1% from Finland. The rest of their ancestry was 2.6% from northern West Asia, 0.5% from Central Asia, and 0.3% being unassigned.

Personal life

Carson came out as non-binary on their Instagram on 23 May 2021, stating that they would use both masculine and singular they pronouns.


Carson suffers from numerous seasonal allergies which could cause an allergic reaction lasting multiple days if they were exposed to certain allergens, most notably animal. They had begun and is currently undergoing immunotherapy treatment to deal with these allergies. As indicated by a 23andMe test, Carson is also a carrier for Limb–girdle muscular dystrophy type 2I, which causes untreatable muscle atrophy in a child with two variants.


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