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DIME Micronationalist of the Year
CountryIntermicronational (focuses on the MicroWiki sector)
EligibilityAwarded to micronationalists the Statistic-Dime board and voters deem the best of the year
StatusCurrently awarded
OrganiserStatistic-Dime Board
RelatedDime Micronationalist of the Month

Micronationalist of the Year (MotY), formerly known by the synonym Dime Micronationalist of the Year (DMY), is an annual award in the MicroWiki sector. Originally created in December 2019 by Zabëlle Skye and Jayden Lycon in their DIME Magazine, the award features and profiles a person, a group, an idea, or an object that was the "most influential" micronationalist in the MicroWiki sector of that year.[1]

DIME Magazine published the 2019 winner—Adam I, Emperor of Adammia—that was picked in a public poll, while the 2020 winner, the late Nicholas Randouler, was announced in Statistic-Dime's MicroWiki's 25 Most Influential for 2020 (where Randouler was ranked first) created by Skye and revised by Lycon. Randouler had ranked first in a scarcely advertised opinion poll.[2] The 2021 winner, Carson Snyder, was announced by Statistic-Dime via another public poll.

Micronationalists of the Year

Year Choice Born/lifespan Reason Runners-up

Adam I
Emperor of Adammia
1998 Adam was the first Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational to have been elected to a second consecutive term in history. Adam also organised the third 24 Hour Quorum and hosted the first GUM Summit in Birmingham in June. [§ 1]

Nicholas Randouler
Founder and 4th Prince of Posaf
2004–2020 In memoriam of Randouler, who died on 3 June 2020.

Carson Snyder
Sovereign of Northwood-Oregon
2003 7th Chair of the Cupertino Alliance and former Superior Judge of the Cupertino Alliance, wrote the Charter of the Cupertino Alliance, 2021. [§ 2]

Karl Friedrich
Co-owner of MicroWiki
? For his continued dedication to maintaining MicroWiki as a platform where all micronationalists can congregate and freely access and share information about micronationalism. [§ 3]


Voting results

  1. 2019 voting results:
    Adam I (9), Prince Zabëlle I (8), Dan Morris (4), Bradley, Duke of Dullahan (2), Abrams I of Ikonia (0).
  2. 2021 voting results:
    Anthony Clark (7), Tyler Mullins (2), Carson Snyder (15).
  3. 2022 voting results:
    Karl Friedrich (12), Travis McHenry (11), Chris Ramsay (6).


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