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Micronationalist of the Year is an annual award and spin-off of Dime Micronationalist of the Month. Micronationalist of the Year features and profiles a person, a group, an idea, or an object that was the "most influential" micronationalist of that year. It was created by Zarel Smith and Jayden Lycon from DIME Magazine.[1]

Micronationalists of the Year

Year Image Choice Born Reason Runners-up
2019[2] EmperorOfAdammiaSep2018Cropped.jpg
Adam I
Emperor of Adammia
1998 Adam was the first Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational to have been elected to a second consecutive term in history. Adam also organised the third 24 Hour Quorum and hosted the first GUM Summit in Birmingham in June. [note 1]


  1. 2019 voting results:
    Adam I (9), Prince Zarel I (8), Dan Morris (4), Bradley, Duke of Dullahan (2), Cameron I of Ikonia (0).


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