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The Top 25 Most Influential Micronationalists in the MicroWiki Sector of 2020, widely advertised as simply MicroWiki's 25 Most Influential 2020 is a list compiled by micronationalist Zabëlle "Zed" Skye via Statistic-Dime of who he deemed to be the most influential micronationalists within the MicroWiki Community in 2020. It was released on 2 December 2020, and was met with positive feedback.[1]

The list features twenty-five micronationalists, each with a justification of the reason they were listed and their influence, exclusively pertaining to events in 2020. Although published under the label Statistic-Dime, the project is owned by subsidiary Statistic-Fire. It also announced the Micronationalist of the Year for 2020.[2] It was Zed's last project as CEO of Statistic-Dime, and the first project to be overseen by CEO Daniel Hamilton, who assumed the position on the same day as the list's publication.

Another edition is planned for 2021, though Zed cited he would not be the one creating it.


Alongside the top twenty-five ranking, the list also included a section dedicated to the memory of four micronationalists who passed away in 2020, as well as a section with eight honourable mentions. It also announced the Micronationalist of the Year for 2020, an honour originally created and awarded by Zed and Jayden Lycon from DIME Magazine, via a public poll.[2]

It also features honourable mentions, which were "micronationalists who were considered for the list, however did not make the final decision", which were Andrew, Ashley Jaax, Casper von Naveria, Charles Ross, Cole Baird, Emperor Terry of Essexia, Jack Dean and Suzuki Leōcor.


Nicholas Randouler (2004–2020) ranked first, and was thus named the "Micronationalist of the Year", followed by Jayden Lycon, Chair of the Cupertino Alliance, and Thomas Bainbridge, 30th Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, in second and third place respectively. Zed ranked himself fourth.[1][2]

Rank Name Role
1 Nicholas Randouler Abelden, Iustian, Millanian, New Eiffelic, Essexian politician, GUM secretary and founder of Posaf; In memoriam to his death in June.
2 Jayden Lycon Chair of the Cupertino Alliance
3 Thomas Bainbridge 30th Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational
4 Zed MicroWiki editing and statistical projects
5 Otto Gillespie Birch "Cult following" as Madakawando Sakom (head of state) of Misberia
6 "Pavlov clique" — Yaroslav Mar and Alexander IV, Emperor of Pavlov The "shitfights their behaviour triggers"
7 Newton von Uberquie 31st Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, member of Diarchy
8 Brooklyn Hewitt President of New Virginia, suggested the Augusta Accord
9 Matthew of Essexia 30th Vice-Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational
10 Tomáš Falešník Organiser of the 2020 MOF Games and MicroWiki editing
11 Adam I, Emperor of Adammia Challenged the "Pavlov clique" as an MicroWiki@Discord administrator
12 Abrams I, King of Ikonia Technical work on MicroWiki and MicroWiki@Discord
13 Leon Montan Political work and centralised the MicroWiki@Discord Administrative Protests of 2020
14 Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia Site owner of MicroWiki
15 Luxor Overseeing the MicroWiki@Discord shutdown
16 Elizabeth Lewis Brief MicroWiki@Discord admin and work as Prime Minister of New Virginia
17 Simon Reeve Work in NADU and organiser of Sough2020
18 Bradley of Dullahan Supreme Justice of the Grand Unified Micronational
19 Henry Clémens Member of Diarchy and writer of Messenger
20 James Frisch "Sense of humour"
21 Daniel Hamilton Work in the Cupertino Alliance, CEO of Statistic-Dime
22 Patrick Renwick Work during Concordiagate
23 Sertor Valentinus Work in the Cupertino Alliance and West Sayville
24 Anthony Clark Work in Abeldane law and politics
25 Ives Blackwood Writer of Home-made Crown Journal.



Year Births Percentage
1993 1 3.7%
1994 3 11.7%
1995 1 3.7%
1998 2 7.7%
1999 2 7.7%
2001 2 7.7%
2002 3 11.7%
2003 1 3.7%
2004 3 11.7%
2005 1 3.7%
2006 4 15.7%
Unknown/private 3 11.7%

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