New Yera

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New Yera
Former Capital of  Australis
Flag of New Yera
Flag of New Yera
Country Australis
Founded8 April 2020
 • President of AustralisDaniel Hamilton
 • Total0.00075 km2 (0.00029 sq mi)
80 m (260 ft)
 (September 2021)
 • Total3
Time zoneUTC+8:00 (Australisian Central Time)

New Yera was the capital city of Australis from 8 April 2023 till 29 November 2023. Originally it was the capital of the state of Amicitia, one of five states that formed the First Commonwealth of Australis. The original name of the capital, however, was known as Amicitia City. With Eastern Jarrahview serving as the ceremonial capital since 2020, New Yera was the residence of the Grand Duke of Australis and the President of Australis, effectively making it the administrative capital of Australis.


Statistic-Dime has been headquartered in New Yera since December 2020.