New Yera

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New Yera
Nuwe Yera (Afrikaans)
—  Capital of Australis  —
Flag of New Yera
Country Australis
State Amicitia
Founded 8 April 2020
 - Grand Duke of Australis Daniel I
 - Count of New Yera Sertor Valentinus
 - Total 0.00075 km2 (0 sq mi)
Elevation 80 m (262 ft)
Population (November 2020)
 - Total 3
 - Density 4,000/km2 (10,360/sq mi)
Time zone Australissian Central Time (UTC+8:00)

New Yera (Afrikaans: Nuwe Yera) is the capital city of Australis, as well as the location of the Royal House, the residence of the Grand Duke of Australis. New Yera is one of several non-contiguous pieces of land composing the Australissian State of Amicitia.



New Yera is solely occupied by the Royal Family of Australis. It has a permanent population of 3, a figure which has not changed since Australis was founded.


Christianity is the predominant religion in New Yera, with 66.66% of citizens believing in Christianity, while 33.33% have no religious beliefs.



Statistic-Dime, a micronational statistics organisation largely considered to be the most influential statistical organisation in the micronational community, has been headquartered in New Yera since early December 2020, when Roscoe Statistics merged with Statistic-Dime, with the former's CEO, Daniel Hamilton, also taking ownership of Statistic-Dime.