Commonwealth of Australis

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Commonwealth of Australis
Coat of arms of Australis
Coat of arms
Anthem: none
CapitalAustralis Town
Largest cityIntegritas
Official languagesEnglish, Esperanto
Religion(April 2020)
GovernmentParliamentary Constitutional Pentarchy
Members of the Pentarchy of Australis
Jared Barker
Independence from Australia
10 April 2020
22 April 2020
• Total
0.005316 km2 (0.002053 sq mi)
• May 2020 census
CurrencyAustralissian Austra (ALA)
Time zoneAustralissian Central Time (UTC+8:00)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theleft
Calling code+61

The Commonwealth of Australis is a micronation and secular, pluralist progressive country[1] based in Western Australia, Australia.

Some of the causes Australis supports are the right to unrestricted international freedom of movement, the right to abortion and the right to assisted suicide[2]

The Commonwealth of Australis was succeeded by the Unified Royal States of Australis unofficially on 6 May 2020 and formally on 28 May 2020.


The name Australis is derived from the latin name Terra Australis, meaning Southern Land. It was the historical name for the hypothetical southern continent now known as Australia.


Australis was established in 2020 by five Perth teenagers – Daniel Roscoe, Roberto Flamenco, Alison Mitchell, Anica Weck and Caitlyn Azar. The five claimed a 2032m2 Official Territory in the south west town of Karridale as Australis' first capital, and declared a Hereditary Pentarchy. Xavier Martin was appointed as the first prime minister (2020).

On the 18th of April 2020, two of the five Pentarchy members left. Roberto Flamenco was voted out by a 4/5 Pentarchy vote, for inactivity and failure to serve the nation as per the requirements for being in the Pentarchy. Anica Weck also left due to being unable to handle the pressure of the Pentarchy. These people were replaced by Sinead Hamilton and Carlo Olivier, who were decided from 4 applications to be the winners.

On the 6th of May 2020, the First Australissian Parliament was dissolved by the Pentarchy, in order to bring a political reform.

Military and Defence

Australis has three branches of defence:

The AFPD is responsible for maintaining law and order in the community. The Department of Internal Affairs has jurisdiction over the operations of the AFPD. It currently has 5 officers.

The Australissian Navy consists of one 'Barker' class Genesis Cuddy Cabin with a 250hp engine. It is responsible for patrolling waters bordering Australis.

The Australissian Army is responsible for defending Australissian borders and assisting nearby nations with humanitarian aid or defence.

Australis Times

The Australis Times is the national news agency of Australis. It was founded on the 20th April 2020, with the goal of informing citizens and foreigners of political, cultural and other news within the nation. It has reported on many major issues and events within the Australissian community.


As of 20 April 2020, the nation has 28 citizens. Australissian citizenship can be applied for through the official website. The government asks that citizens residences become territory of Australis.


States within Western Australia
Region Abbrev. Founded Pop. (Apr. 2020) Area (m²) Constituency
Australis Town.png  Australis Town   AT 4/20 0 2032 Southern
Flag of the Territory of Amicitia.png  Amicitia (De Facto)   AA 4/20 5 742 Central
Flag of Beatitudinem.png  Beatitudinem (De Facto)   BM 4/20 7 673 Central
Flag of Aequalitatem.png  Aequalitatem (De Facto)   AQ 4/20 2 683 Coastal
Felicitatem.png  Felicitatem (De Facto)   FT 4/20 4 600 Central
Integritas.png  Integritas (De Facto)   IG 4/20 10 585 Central
North American Territories
Region Abbrev. Founded Pop. (Apr. 2020) Area (m2) Constituency
Jutar - Australis Flag.png  Jutar-Australis Territory   JT 4/20 0 1 North America

Foreign relations

Australis currently maintains foreign relations with multiple micronations.

Active Relations

Inactive Relations

Other recognised nations

Other nations that Australis recognizes (But do not have foreign relations with) are as follows.

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