Imperium Aquilae

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Imperium Aquilae
Αυτοκρατορία του Αετού
Aftokratoria tou Aetou
Cross of Saint Raphael
Coat of Arms of Aetòs (Eagle)
Coat of Arms
Motto: Fides et Honores
Loyalty and Honour
Anthem: «Rufi Aquila,Surge!»
Red Eagle,Rise!

Map of the 6 counties of Imperium Aquiale located in Larisa
Official languagesGreek
Recognised national languagesEnglish,Latin
Ethnic groupsGreeks
ReligionGreek Orthodox Church
(Roman Orthodox Church)
Imperial (common)
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• Basileus and Imperator
Alcibiades I
• Chancellor
Christos Sevastianos
LegislatureImperial Parliament
Time zone+02:00 (Eastern
European Time)
• Summer (DST)
+03:00 (Eastern
European Summer Time) (UTC)
Drives on theright
Calling code+30
Patron saintSaint Rafael

Imperium Aquilae (Greek: Αυτοκρατορία του Αετού) is a micronation located in Greece. It is a Constitutional Monarchy. The empire claims a small part of the city of Larisa and several pieces of land in northern Greece. Its Motto is "Fides et Honores"(“Loyalty and Honor”). Its Founder and Emperor is Alcibiades I. It was a constituent state of the Empire of Lysimachia until its dissolution. The Empire is one of the few active Greek micronations.


Imperium Aquilae's Founder and Emperor is Alcibiades I. It declared its Independence from Greece on 4 October 2019. On 5 October the first Chancellor of the country, Christos Sevastianos was sworn into office. Imperium Aquilae became one of the founding members of the Organization of Allied Micronations and Emperor Alcibiades I became the first Chairman of the Organization on 9 April 2020. On 20 April 2020 the micronation joined the League of Hellenistic Micronations, an organaziation with the purposes of development of diplomacy, mutual recognition, peace and cooperation between Hellenistic Micronations. On 5 May the state left the OAM and Alcibiades I resigned, after it was judged that it had no real purpose, as it mostly was in a state of inactivity.

On 24 April 2020 the biggest crisis in the young Empire’s history took place. Labour Minister George Baji along with parliament member Spyros Tambos attemped a pro-Socialist coup d'etat. However the movement failed to attract supporters and the short-lived People's Republic of the Red Eagle was defeated on 26 April at the battle of Fort Voras. All of the insurgents were found guilty of treason and exiled from Imperium Aquilae.

On 6 may 2020 the Empire merged with the Empire of Ovrestlia and the Grand Duchy of Paionia to form Lysimachia in order to stregthen the influence of the 3 micronations. This was short lived however, as it was dissolved only a month later due to several dissagreements between the co-Emperors Alcibiades I and Thomas Marios I and the severe political instability; there were 4 unsuccesful governments in the span of just seven days.

After the dissolution of Lysimachia, Emperor Alcibiades I reformed the empire to stabilize and fix several flaws in the government system. After this Reformation a new parliament, administrative division, and election system were introduced, which turned out to be much more stable and effective than the previously used ones.On January 14th 2021 Imperium Aquilae managed to join the Grand Unified Micronational as a provisional member and on February 11th 2021 it became the first Greek Micronation to become a full member of the GUM.

Administrative Division

Imperium Aquilae consists of 7 counties, located in close proximity to each other in the city of Larisa, Greece and the autonomous Grand Duchy of Paionia.

Counties: The Capital of the Empire, Cladarchia is located in the county with the same name and is the second biggest settlement of the Empire,while 15 Chapels (the biggest) is also a county on its own.Sebastianburg county created on January 15th 2021 is the 3rd most populous in the Empire.The latest county to join the Empire is Arni created on February 28th 2021 The other 3 counties are the 3 Forts of the nation: Fort Alexander, Fort Voras and Fort Demetrius. All counties (except Cladarchia) have governors responsible for the enforcement of laws, as well as for overlooking the electoral process in order to better manage the territories of the Empire. Each Governor has to report to the Emperor at least once per month about any news and events in their respective county.

Flag Name
Cladarchiaflag3.png Cladarchia
15chapelsflag.png 15 Chapels
Fort Alexander.png Fort Alexander
Fort Voras.png Fort Voras
Fort Demetrius.png Fort Demetrius
Sebastianburg.png Sebastianburg
Arni.png Arni

Flag of the Grand Duchy of Paionia

Grand Duchy of Paionia: The Grand Duchy of Paionia used to be an independent micronation before it became a part of Imperium Aquilae. It was even founded years earlier, on April 20 2017. However it soon fell into inactivity, until the 4th of April 2020, 3 years after its establishment, when Alcibiades I was crowned Grand Duke after the resignation of Helena I and it became the junior partner in a personal union with Imperium Aquilae. Paionia was one of the 3 founding members of the Empire of Lysimachia together with Ovrestlia and Imperium Aquilae. After the dissolution of Lysimachia, Alcibiabes decided to integrate Paionia into Imperium Aquilae, as it fell into inactivity once more. After the integration, the grand duchy was given a modest amount of self government. Mariah I Ionian was given the title of Grand Duchess on September 10th 2020 after Alcibiades I stepped down. Paionia is by far the biggest and most populous subdivion of Imperium Aquilae.

Ideology of State

The Imperial Crown and the Government of Imperium Aquilae have adopted as an official principle of policy that the Empire continues the Hellenistic and Roman tradition and by extension consider itself successor of the Hellenistic kingdoms and the Roman Empire.It also takes inspiration from the German Empire, continuing its military tradition. The influence of Greek and Roman history is reflected in the titles which are adopted by Imperium Aquilae both for the members of the Imperial House and for the state officials, where as the German influence can be seen in the military honours of the state.

Government and Politics


Imperium Aquilae is a parliamentary monarchy,in which the executive and judicial branches are in the power of the Imperator alone, while the monarch and the parliament are responsible for the legislative branch. The Parliament has 4 members which are elected every 3 months with every Legislative Election.

Political Parties

1st Party System

The 4 major political parties of the first party system in Imperium Aquilae were:

▪︎Royalist Party

▪︎Renaissance Party

▪︎PSL Party

▪︎Party of V.Ramos

Royalist Party: The Royalist Party of Imperium Aquilae,commonly refered as just the Royalist Party or the Royalists, founded on October 4th 2019, was a right-wing monarchist party. The party’s main objective was to aid the Imperator in the legislative branch of goverment as well as keep him in power. Founded by Viceroy Christos Sevastianos, it was by far the most popular party in the Empire, having won more than half of the seats in the July 2020 elections. The Party lost its Majority during the December 16 2020 election, getting the same number of votes as the PSLP, but Christos Sevastianos retained his position as Chancellor in the coalition government.They only got 1 seat in the March 5th 2021 election,although this was largely due to the fact that they ran together with the Renaissance party.Cristos Sevastianos once again was sworn in as Chancellor.On March 10th 2021 it together with elements of the Renaissance party formed the Aristocratic Party of Imperium Aquilae.

Renaissance Party: The Renaissance Party, formed on March 26th 2020 by former Royalist Party Deputy Leader Socrates Johnson, was a centre-right paternalistic conservative party, that calls for reducing the monarchs authotities and empowering the parliament. It was the second biggest in popularity party and it appealed to more moderate voters. The Party suffered a major blow during the December 16 2020 election, managing to get only 1 seat in the Parliament.In the March 5th 2021 Election,where the party ran together with the royalist party and managed to get 2 out of 4 seats,it recovered after the previous disasterous election.On March 10th 2021 it along with the Party of V.Rammos and some members of the PSLP formed the Democratic Party of Imperium Aquilae

People's Socialist Labour Party: The People's Socialist Labour Party,(commonly refered to as the PSLP or the Socialists) was a left-wing socialist party that aims to give parliament sole power, social equality and the abolishment of the monarchy, or the transformation of it into a crowned republic. Founded on October 12th by George Baji, it used to be the second most popular party in the empire until the Civil War of Imperium Aquilae. During that conflict the socialist party attempted a coup against the monarchy. After the failure of the Coup d'etat the people lost faith in the PSLP, and its leader and head of the insurgency, George Baji, was exiled. John Mylo, a member of the PSLP that denounced the coup. was elected as the new leader of the party. The Party resurged during the December 16 2020 elections where it tied with the Royalist Party in votes and formed a coalition government with it.The PLSP due to the lack of popular support after the resignation of John Mylo,did not take part in the May 5th 2021 election.With the party being effectively dissolved most voters of the PSLP currently support the Democratic Party of Imperium Aquilae.

Party of V.Ramos The Party was created after Minister of Finance V.Ramos decided to run against Christos Sevastianos.After the initial election ended in a tie with each party getting 3 votes,in the runoff election 1 week afterwards it only managed to get 2 votes and 1 seat.On March 10th 2021 it became part of the Democratic Party of Imperium Aquilae.

Second Party System

The 2 major political parties of the second party system in Imperium Aquilae are:

▪︎Democratic Party of Imperium Aquilae ▪︎Aristocratic Party of Imperium Aquilae

Party Name Political position Leader Date of foundation Membership Seats
Aristocratic Party Aristocracy,Oligarchy,Noocracy Christos Sevastianos 10th March 2021 4
1 / 4
Democratic Party Democracy,Conservatism,Classical Liberalsim,Social Liberalism Socrates Johnson 26th March 2020 4
3 / 4

Foreign Relationships

Imperium Aquilae is a member of the following organizations:

Imperium Aquilae has mutual recognition (through treaties and/or Organizations) with the following nations:

(You can contact us via Email Website:

Foreign Policy

Imperial foreign policy prioritises developing friendly relationships with hellenistic micronations, although the Empire also seeks cordial relations with foreign micronations as well.Imperium Aquilae takes pride in its Hellenistic and Roman heritage, as it aims to be a cultural succesor to these two great civilazations and as a result has cordial relationships with nations of similar backround, Imvrassia,Rhomania,Ovrestlia being examples.



Imperium Aquilae uses the Euro as its official currency although a new national currency is planned to be introduced in mid 2021.


Seal of the Imperial Ministry of Agriculture

The Imperial Ministry of Agriculture is responcible for the organization and regulation of the small vegetable plantation,which was made in order to stimulate the national economy and create domestic production of goods .

House of Ionia

The ruling Dynasty of Imperium Aquilae is officially called the House of Ionia. The Monarch of the Empire is the Head of the Imperial House, of the State and commander-in-chief of the Imperial Guard, the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Air Superiority Department. The Emperor has the ranks of Imperator and Basileus.

The members of the Imperial House are considered the direct descendants or close relatives of the founder of Imperium Aquilae, Alcibiades I. The members of the House automatically acquire the rank of Patrikios (male) or Patrikia (female). A Patrikios or Patrikia that have been assigned to govern a County or a Autonomous Duchy get promoted to the rank of Despotas or Despotissa.The Current Head of the House of Ionia is the Emperor and its founder Alcibiabes Rafael Ionios I.

From April 20th 2020 the House of Ionia held the Crown of Paionia due to the coronation of Alcibiades I as Grand Duke of Paionia, after the resignation of Helena I. After the integration of Paionia into Imperium Aquilae, Alcibiades stepped down handing the throne of Paionia to his cousin Patrikia Mariah Ionia, promoting her to Despotissa Mariah I of Ionia, Grand Duchess of Paionia.

The titles members of the House of Ionia hold or used to hold:

  • Imperator or Imperatrix Aquilae(October 4th 2019-)
  • Grand Duke or Grand Duchess of Paionia(April 20th 2020-)
  • Emperor or Empress of Ovrestlia(April 21st 2020-June 15th 2020)
  • Emperor or Empress of Lysimachia(6th May 2020-22nd May 2020)
  • Count or Countess of Chladarchia(4th October 2019-)
  • Baron or Baroness of Ovrestlia(15th April 2020-)


Responsible for the defence of Imperium Aquilae is the Imperial Guard. Although it is mainly used for ceremonial purposes, it will (as it has done in the past) take arms in case of a military threat against the Empire.

The unit has fought in the Civil War of Imperium Aquilae, in which it swiftly managed to put down the communist insurgency during the battle of Fort Demetrius.


Nationality Imperium Aquilae is ethnically homogenous as all of its citizens are Hellens

Religion The majority of the citizens of the Empire are Greek Orthodox,however there is a sizable minority of atheists and irreligious citizens.

Religion in Imperium Aquilae
Greek Orthodoxy

Languages Imperium Aquilae has 2 official languages;Greek(Modern) and Latin. Modern Greek is spoken by the whole of the population and is used in everyday life,whereas Latin is only spoken by 1/5 of the citizens and is used mostly in official documents.

Geography and Climate

All of Imperium Aquilae is located in South Eastern Europe,inside the Hellenic Republic in territory formely controlled by the Eastern Roman Empire.All of the 6 counties of the Empire are in an altitude of 67 meters,while the Grand Duchy of Paionia is in an altitude of 110 meters.

Imperium Aquilae in its entirety has Hot-summer mediterranean climate (Csa).It Experiences hot summers and mild winters with occasional snowfalls.

The County of Cladarchia during winter 2020