Imperium Aquilae

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Imperium Aquilae/Αυτοκρατορία του Αετού
Flag of Imperium Aquilae.png
Coat of Arms of Imperium Aquilae 2.png
Coat of Arms

Fides et Honores
Loyalty and Honor
Capital cityCladarchia
Official language(s)Greek
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameImperium
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
- EmperorAlcibiades I
- Prime MinisterChistos Sevastianos

Imperium Aquilae(Greek:Αυτοκρατορία του Αετού) is a micronation located mostly in Greece. It is a Constitutional Monarchy. The empire claims a small part of the city of Larisa. Its Motto is "Fides et Honores"(english:Loyalty and Honor). Its Founder and Emperor is Alcibiades I.It was a constituent state of the Empire of Lysimachia until its disolution.


Imperium Aquilae's Founder and Emperor is Alcibiades I. It declared its Independence from Greece on October 4th 2019. A day later October 5th the first Prime minister of the country, Christos Sevastianos was sworn into office.On the 23rd of March 2020 Imperium Aquilae joined the League of Professional Nations.After the rebranding of the LPN on April 7th 2020 the Empire joined the newly formed League of Micronations.On April 19th Imperium Aquilae became one of the founding members of the Organization of Allied Micronations Emperor Alcibiades I became the first Chairman of the Organization.On April 20th the micronation joined the League of Hellenistic Micronations.On May 5th the state left the OAM and Alcibiades resigned.On May 6th 2020 the Empire meged with the Empire of Ovrestlia and the Grand Duchy of Paionia to form Lysimachia.This was short lived though as it was dissolved only a month later.aftr the dissolution of Lysimachia,Emperor Alcibiades I reformed the empire to stabilize and fix several flaws in the governing system.

Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Imperium Aquilae are divided in three branches:

-Imperial Army

-Imperial Naval Force

-Imperial AirForce

The Armed Forces of Imperium Aquilae have participated in the following conflicts:

Members of the Goverment

Emperor:Alcibiades I

Prime Minister:C.Sevastianos


Minister of Finance:V.Ramos

Minister of Justice:S.Johnson

Minister of Labour:G.Baji

Foreign Minister:J.Mylo

Defence Minister:G.Filios

Minister of Education:S.Johnson

Parliament Seats

Party Name Political position Leader Date of foundation Membership Seats
Royalist Party Monarchism Christos Sevastianos 4th October 2019 9
4 / 7
Renaissance Party Conservatism Socrates Johnson 26th March 2020 5
2 / 7
Socialist Party Socialism John Mylo 12th October 2019 3
1 / 7

Foreign Relationships

Imperium Aquilae is a member of the following organizations:

Imperium Aquilae has signed a treaty of mutual recognition with the following nations:

Imperium Aquilae is in a Personnal Union with the Following nations:


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