Alcibiades I

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Alcibiades Ι
Αλκιβιάδης Α'
Imperator de Aquila,3rd Duke of Ovrestlia,Count of Cladarchia

Imperator de Aquila
Reign 4th October 2019 –
Predecessor Title created
Grand Duke of Paionia
Reign 16th April 2020 – 10th September 2020
Predecessor Helena I
Successor Mariah I Ionia
3rd Duke of Ovrestlia
Reign 15th April 2020 -
Count of Cladarchia
Reign October 4th 2019 -
Full name
Alcibiades-Raphael Ionios I
House House of Ionia
Born 4 December 2004 (2004-12-04) (age 15)
Hellenic Republic Flag of Greece.png
Religion Greek Orthodox

Alcibiades I (born 2004) is the Emperor and Founder of the micronation Imperium Aquilae,3rd Baron of the Empire of Ovrestlia, Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Paionia,Emperor of Lysimachia, as well as founder of the House of Ionia.

Official titles

Monarchical styles of
Imperator Alcibiades I
Reference styleHis Imperial Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative style-

His Imperial Majesty,Imperator Alcibiades I
Η Αυτού Αυτοκρατορική Μεγαληότητα, ο Αυτοκράτωρ Αλκιβιάδης Α`

Early Life

Alcibiades I was born on December 4th 2004 in Larisa,Greece.In the first years of his life he was living in New Anchialos,near Volos.In 2008 he moved to Berlin,Germany where he would stay for 3 years.While he was in Germany he went to the Athena Greek-German primary school.In 2011 he returned to Greece,but this time he moved to his city of birth Larisa,where he would stay until 2016.He moved to Salonika in 2017 attending middle school in the prestious Anatolia College.His stay in Salonika would be short-lived however,as he returned to Larisa in 2018 where he currently lives.

Micronational Career

Emperor Alcibiades I had shown interest for micronationalism for the first time back in 2016,researching several micronations.It would take 3 years for him to actively be a part of the micronational commumity,when he founded Imperium Aquilae.On October 5th,one day after the decleration of independence of his micronation he was awarded the Order of the Crimson Eagle medal,for being the founding father of Imperium Aquilae.On April 15th after a treaty of mutual recognition with the Empire of Ovrestlia he was named 3rd Baron of Ovrestlia by Emperor Thomas Marios I.One day later,after the abdication of Helena I,he was crowned Grand Duke of Paionia.Before her abdication Helena I awarded the medal of The Order of Saint George to Alcibiades I.On April 19th Alcibiades was enstated as chairman of the Organization of Allied Micronations.On April 21st he was given the position of Emperor by Thomas Marios I after his abtication allong with Aggelos I of Imvrassia and John I of Baustralia.When Thomas Marios returned to his throne on April 24th unlike the other 2 co-Emperors Alcibiades stayed in power as Thomas Marios wanted him as his co-Emperor.He resigned from Chairman of the OAM on the 5th May 2020 due to the decline of the organization.After the Union of Ovrestlia,Imperium Aquilae and Paionia he became Emperor of Lysimachia.


Order of the Crimson Eagle 3rd Baron of Ovrestlia Order of Saint George Knight of Rhodesia

Personal Symbols

Imperial Standart of Alcibiades I
Coat of Arms of Alcibiades I