Organization of Allied Micronations

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Organization of Allied Micronations
SuccessorCentre for Micronational Cooperation
FormationApril 21, 2020
FounderImperium Aquilae, Unified Royal States of Australis and Union of Jutar
DissolvedMay 27, 2020
Legal statusDissolved
PurposeTo further micronational relations, trade and foreign aid
Membership (2020)
Official language
English, Greek
Secretary General
Commonwealth of Rhodesia
Corinth Newton
Vice Chairman
Daniel Hamilton

The Organization of Allied Micronations (OAM) was established in April 2020 as a collective organization of Micronations. It was an active organization. The goals of the OAM were to facilitate global inter micronational trade, relations and governance.

Rights of Full Membership

Full Members are guaranteed these rights in the OAM Assembly;

  1. Having place in all democratic processes.
  2. Right to run as a candidate for the administration.
  3. Right to vote on all democratic matters.

Full Member States

The following nations had full member state status in the Orginazation of Allied Micronations.

Non-Member Observer States

The following nations had non-member observer status.

  • Turkish Republic of Reon
  • Gzens, The

Government and Politics

The OAM had a unicameral assembly. Each nation had one representative seat in the assembly. The Secretary General was re-elected every 6 months.

Joining Prerequisites

The OAM maintained the following prerequisites for joining;
1. The applying nation follows and enforces the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
2. The applying nation must have the capacity to defend its own territory.
3. The applying nation agrees to assist other member states in the case of war or crisis.
4. The applying nation must have a claim on real, situated on the planet of Earth.
5. The applying nation does not/will not interfere with the diplomacy or politics of other member states, who are independent to decide their own politics/diplomacy within their own nation.

OAM Taskforce

The OAM Taskforce was a department of the Organization of Allied Micronations tasked with intervention against unlawful and dangerous micronations and with creating strategies and plans in times of war.