Jutarian Republic

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Jutarian Republic
Jutarische Republiek

Newjutarflag2021.pngJutar Blue PCOA (11☆).svg

Long Live The Legacy!
The South Anthem
America and Europe
Capital cityCannatriea
Largest cityAleado
Official language(s)English, Dutch
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameJutar
- PresidentCorinth Newton
- Vice PresidentVacant
LegislatureJutarian Council
EstablishedSeptember 2nd, 2017
Area claimed11.8km²
Population7 (as of 2020 census), (8 outside of Jutar)
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Time zoneET
National animalRed-tailed hawk

The Jutarian Republic, colloquially known as Jutar, is a self-declared sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Jutar was established on 2 September 2017 and most of its territory is located near Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America.


None of the past and present names of Jutar has an official meaning. Its second name, Jutland, was not inspired by the península of the same name, which is an area controlled by Denmark and Germany.


Jutar was founded by President Corinth as the Republic of Sasolnia on September 2, 2017. Salsonia controlled more land than Jutar does at present but suffered from inactivity and lack of government. The president reformed Sasolnia as the Republic of Jutland in October of 2018. Just two months after this reformation, Jutland was attacked by raiders, who were successfully fought off by the President and his cousins with a stock of Nerf guns and ammunition.

Just like Sasolnia before it, Jutland eventually collapsed. The nation was forced to abandon the lands and boundaries it had held since its formation as Sasolnia. Later, Eastern Cannatriea and West Cannatriea Merged to form The Republic of Jutland. After the territorial restructuring, however, the nation made its first expansion by claiming the land now known as Talmatao. On March 5, 2019, Jutland was officially reformed as the Union of Jutar, which would expand again to include three additional states - Tan, Woasitiao, and Cortauex.

On March 12, 2020 Jutar declared a state of emergency due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The nation's borders were locked down, but the government continued to operate. On April 19, Jutar created the Organization of Allied Micronations alongside Australis and Aquilae. While increasing relations with naveria, Jutar acquired a Strip of land from Naveria in May 2020 and named it Galasko, becoming the 11th Union State. Later, after all the territorial acquires, Attupaû became the 12th state on July 20, 2020. October 2020 - November 17, 2020, Jutar went through a deep and economy damaging inactivity called the great deep sleep. Jutar is Currently in a dispute with Australis with Jutia, Whether it will be an Australissian territory or a Jutarian County.


Jutar is a simple republic, lead by a president and a council. The Jutarian President decides most internal and external Jutarian activity, but the Jutarian Council is responsible for ratifying it into law.

The current President of Jutar is Corinth Newton.

Foreign Relations

Jutar has formal relations with the Unified Royal States of Australis with which it governed a condominium directly bordering Jutar, called the Jutar-Australis Territory. Jutar also had formal relations with the Commonwealth of Naveria and the Free Nation of New Athens. Relations between Jutar and Naveria and garuda on Christmas day crumbled.


Administrative Divisions

Jutar is made up of thirteen administrative divisions. Twelve divisions are union states, two of which are subcategorized as autonomous cities, and one division is an overseas territory. In addition, it shares sovereignty of one condominium, a type of territory which is equally administrated by several nations.

Name Flag Type Location Population
Cannatriea Cannatriea.png Autonomous City/State (Capital) Georgia, United States 1 or 5
Tre Tre-flag.png State Georgia, United States 0
Orkswa Orkswaflag.png State Georgia, United States 5
Tan Tan.png State Georgia, United States 0
Inforoi Inforoi.png State Georgia, United States 2
Talmatao Talmatao-flag.png State Georgia, United States 0
Ruinsa Ruinsa.png State Georgia, United States 0
Woasitiao Woasitiao.png State Washington, United States 0
Cortauex Cortauex.png State California, United States 0
Aleado Aleado.png Autonomous City/State Georgia, United States 0
Attupaû Attapaflag.png State Georgia, United States 0
Jutarian Arizona Ja.png Special National Territory Arizona, United States 0
Jutarian Overseas Territories and Dependencies Jst.png Overseas Territory Greece, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Croatia 0



  • Awati
  • Dadjs
  • Westerbug
  • Sida
  • Aka


  • Walha
  • Mosjr
  • Êabans
  • Strtik
  • Alta
  • Antahara


  • Rap
  • Solpau


  • Eswa
  • Weswa


  • Tree County
  • Aldblen


  • Suta
  • Atak


  • Norto
  • Escal


  • Aska
  • Cêhp
  • Venhalt


  • Hsepu


  • Ouus
  • Fetls


  • îPeseon

Other Geographical Features

Western Jutar is Surrounded by wooded areas of Deciduous trees and Coniferous trees, while the east is surrounded by less trees. Jutar in Georgia is on the w:Piedmont (United States) Region. While The rest is in Washington and California.


In Georgia, all of Jutar is in a Humid subtropical climate (Cfa) while Woasitao is a (Cfb) and Cortatex is a (Csc).


Jutarian culture is very similar to that of America. However, Jutar has two unique national holidays, Independence Day on September 2nd, and Food Day on July 3rd.


  • Sasolnia-flag.png Flag of Sasolnia (September 7, 2017 - October 7, 2018)
  • Oldjutar.png Flag of Jutland; Second Flag of Jutar (October 7, 2018 - March 5, 2019; October 22, 2019 - April 15, 2020)
  • Jutarflag2019.png First Flag of Jutar (March 5, 2019 - October 22, 2019)
  • Jutar Flag.png Third Flag of Jutar (April 15, 2020 - July 14, 2020)[a]
  • Jutar (11☆).svg Fourth Flag of Jutar (July 14, 2020 - February 14, 2021)
  • Newjutarflag2021.png Current flag of Jutar (February 14, 2021 - Present)


The economy of Jutar relies on companies, the US Dollar, and sometimes diplomacy to keep the Republic functional. After the Great deep sleep, the Companies had to shut down in order to fix everything else.

List of Jutarian Companies

  • V-Corporation - The second largest mass media conglomerate.
  • Wellstone, Incorporated - One of many Jutarian news outlets, owning several radio stations.
  • PL, Incorporated - Research and media company.
  • JBCDustax Holdings - The largest mass media/telecommunications conglomerate, which owns the titular Jutarian Broadcasting Company. JBC is the national major broadcast network of Jutar, also owns digital and telecom brands.
  • TeleMark - The second-largest telecommunications company, behind Dustax.
  • 345 Broadcasting - A broadcasting company that owns many of the stations in Jutar.
  • Vaspik Pulp and Paper Company - A large producer of paper.
  • Jutarian National Bank - The only bank existing natively in Jutar.


  1. Repurposed as a civil ensign on July 15, 2020.