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State of Zenia

Πολιτεία της Ζηνίας
Politeía tis Zēnías (Greek)

Ptolietéha Zehnías (Zenian)

Flag of Zenia.png
Zenia CoA.png
Coat of arms

Capital cityAurelium
Official language(s)Greek, Zenian
GovernmentZenian Stoa
- High ConsulAlexander the Athenian
Established6 February 2020
Area claimed121,000 square meters (Ancient Agora of Athens)
Population4 (Apr 2020)
CurrencyEuro (€) de facto
Time zoneGMT +2

Zenia (/ˈziːniə/ ZEE-nee-ə; Greek: Ζηνία, Zēnía; Zenian: Zehnía), alternatively spelled Zinia, and also known as the State of Zenia (Greek: Πολιτεία της Ζηνίας, Politeía tis Zēnías; Zenian: Ptolietéha Zehnías), is a micronation and a new country project territorially surrounded by Greece. It was established in February 2020 as a state project founded upon the principles of Stoicism, with a long term desire by its founders for the creation of a commune.

The state is a de facto republic, with all citizens participating in Zenia's legislative council, the Stoa. As such, state policies are adopted jointly by the councillors of the Stoa. Zenia also has no head of government, instead the highest public office is citizenship itself and, subsequently, membership of the Stoa, whose proceedings are presided over by a primus inter pares councillor whose appointment rotates within the councillors.


With the departure of several members from Memeraeus in January 2020, a need for a new state became apparent. Soon, and through the common interest of the former Memeraeus members in the philosophy of stoicism, the idea for the creation of a commune based on stoic principles emerged. Not long after, discussions on the matter led to the establishment of a new nation as the first step towards the creation of a stoic commune. The new state adopted the name Zenia, in reference to the philosopher Zeno of Citium, the creator of the stoic philosophy. As of April 2020, the 4 founders of the state are in the process of writing the basic law that outlines the citizens' rights and responsibilities.


The State of Zenia currently holds membership in the following micronational organisation(s):


The primary official and most-spoken language in Zenia is Greek of the demotic dialect. A secondary constructed language, Zenian, began being developed on 3 May 2020. The language is primarily based on Proto-Indoeuropean stems and greatly influenced by ancient and modern Greek.