Treaty of Larissa

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Treaty of Larissa
Territory of Hellenic micronations.
Territory of Hellenic micronations.
Created 21 January 2021
Location Larissa, Imperium Aquilae
Authors HIM Emperor Alcibiades I
Signers Imperial Flag of Imvrassia.jpg Empire of Imvrassia
Civil Flag of Imperium Aquilae.png Imperium Aquilae
Οβρελστία.png Empire of Ovrestlia
Flag of the Governorate of Græcia.png Governorate of Græcia
Purpose Stipulates the independence of each Greek & Cypriot State.

The Treaty of Larissa is a treaty signed between Empire of Imvrassia, Imperium Aquilae, Empire of Ovrestlia and Governorate of Græcia and through their respective officials expressed their desire and will to keep all Greek states out of influence and subordination by other states in an arbitrary way.

Also, through the treaty, such an effort was made for the first time in order to protect the States in the Greek and Cypriot territories and it encourages future micro-nationalists to engage without the need to have patrons and self-protectors.

The treaty entered into force on 21 January 2021.