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State in Australis
Motto: "Persevere"
Perth, Western Australia
CapitalNew Yera
Founded8 April 2020
Grand Duke of AustralisDaniel Roscoe

The Royal State of Amicitia, known simply as Amicitia, is a state within the Unified Royal States of Australis. Founded on April 8, 2020, It is the oldest state within the nation. The Grand Duke of Australis, Daniel Roscoe, is a resident of Amicitia.


New Yera

New Yera is the capital city of Amicitia.

Yellagonga National Park

Amicitia East


North Joondalup


New Yera

Place Description
Amicitia Manor Place of Residence of the Grand Duke of Australis
ANZAC Memorial Site A park with a large stone obelisk, honoring the lives of soldiers from the region who fought in war.
Duke Park Australissian Regional Park
Pioneer Square A park with an outdoor Hall of Fame, honoring those who have made great contributions to the region.
Yanna Park Australissian Regional Park

Other Regions

Place Description
Yellagonga National Park A large wetland region classified as a national park.