MicroWiki@Discord Administrative Protests of 2020

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'MicroWiki@Discord Administrative Protests of 2020
Date16 Februrary 2020 - March 2020
Cafe Dullahan channel, MicroWiki@Discord
Status Ongoing
Tough Organisation of Elite Stuff
not including Cole Baird
The 18%
Council of 18
MicroWiki@Discord members
MicroWiki@Discord administration
MicroWiki@Discord members
Commanders and leaders
Leon Montan
Zarel Smith
Max Baez
Sertor Valentinus
Jayden Lycon
Nicholas Randouler
Nicolás Millán
Daniel Lee
Corvin I
Austin Jaax
Cameron I
Aaron Green
Christina I

The MicroWiki@Discord Administrative Protests of 2020, also known as The 18% Movement and Occupy Cafe Dullahan was a protest that began on 16 Februrary 2020, in the Cafe-Dullahan channel in MicroWiki@Discord.


On 14 February 2020, Corvin I put out a suggestion to divide the entertainment and music channels and Zarel Smith suggested that administrators make an official response if something hits 8 reactions. On 16 February 2020, numerous Microwiki users changed their nicknames to reflect on the so-called '18%' active users on the server. The most commonly used was '! We are the 18%', however others such as '!UP THE 18% BOIS', '18% or bust' and others were used.


On 17 February 2020, it was announced by an Admin that a list was being made of individuals who had partaken in the Protests via spam and that a suitable punishment was currently being considered. This did not include people who had coined the username or those on the Wiki page itself. The term 'The Microwiki Genocide' (referring to the mass banning which would likely take place) was coined by Logan Ross.