Augusta Accord

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Logo of the Augusta Accord

The Augusta Accord is a diplomatic treaty drafted by Gaius Soergel Publicola and edited by Adam I of Überstadt against micronational transphobia and for the protection of transgender and nonbinary micronationalists. It was suggested by Vera Hewitt. It is named after the New Virginian town of Augusta.


The Augusta Accord has its antecedents in the Denton Protocol, implemented by the State of Sandus in July 2014. Due to backlash by various heads of state, the treaty eventually fizzled out due to the political fallout it induced. It was in part to the controversial nature of the Denton Protocol that Sandus' application to the Grand Unified Micronational in 2016 was rejected, following a concerted effort from its delegates.

Eventually a discussion was held between Gaius Soergel Publicola and Vera Hewitt in September 2020 regarding reinstating the Denton Protocol as a new and updated treaty.[1][2]

The accords were signed by Soergel, Hewitt, Adam I of Überstadt, Sophia Albina and Dominic Desaintes on behalf of their respective nations.

Hewitt later met up with Charles Kitchen, Sir Riley Kennedy and Senator Savannah Wellman in the town of Augusta to discuss the enactment of the accords. This was followed by an address to the New Virginian citizenry and the international community regarding the accords.[3]


State Date of signature Leader
 State of Sandus 29 September 2020 Gaius Soergel Publicola
 Kingdom of Überstadt 30 September 2020 Adam I of Überstadt
 Commonwealth of New Virginia 3 October 2020 Vera Hewitt
 Republic of Saint-Castin 3 October 2020 Dominic Desaintes
 Republic of Nordale 3 October 2020 Citizen-Premier Sophia Albina
 Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills 3 October 2020 Leon Montan
 Grand Republic of Cycoldia 4 October 2020 Christina I of Nowell
 Republic of Yu-Xia[4] 4 October 2020 Matthew Xia
Iustus Empire of Iustus 24 October 2020 Austin I of Iustus
Nemkhav Federation 28 November 2020 Marka Mejakhansk
Antonian Empire 30 November 2020 HIM Anthony I
Desert District 24 November 2020 James Bornstein
Republic of Caelesta[5] 19 April 2021 Connie
 Kingdom of Lytera[6] 23 April 2021 Amelia I
Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta 22 May 2021 Otto Gillespie Birch
 Sancratosia[7] 17 December 2021 Princess Cloe
Yusienia 18 January 2022 Aurora Twinkle
Empire of Aenopia[8] 13 April 2022 Simon Reeve
 Arkazja 18 April 2022 Natt Falkenhausen
 Garránia 2 July 2022 Ezekiel Ensor
Kingdom of New Antrim 9 October 2023 James I
 Holy Empire of the Kappa 13 November 2023 James I


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