La Salle Convention

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La Salle Convention
Excerpt of a digital copy of the document
Ratified5 October 2020
Date effective5 October 2020

The La Salle Convention is an intermicronational diplomatic treaty which condemns cyberattacks, doxxing, Discord raiding and online bullying.

Signatories to the convention pledge to not enter into relations with any nations or entities engaged in said proscribed activities, and by signing the treaty reserve the right to suspend or revoke recognition of any entities found to have engaged in such behaviour.

Signatories do not simply by signing the Convention extend any recognition to co-signatories, due to the "collective desire to ensure such heinous acts are ceased" transcending any diplomatic differences between micronations.[1]

Original signatories

The La Salle convention was originally held in an online Discord server from 30 September to 5 October 2020. The original signatories included:

Subsequent Signatories


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