Berard-Malloy Convention on Territorial Disputes

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Berard-Malloy Convention on Territorial Disputes
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Created18 June 2021-2 July 2021
Presented2 July 2021
Date effective2 July 2021
Location New Aberdare, Aenopia
, Kingsland, Northwood-Oregon
Author(s) Simon Reeve
Carson Snyder
PurposeDefinition, identification and resolution of territorial disputes between sovereign states

Berard-Malloy Convention on Territorial Disputes, also known as the Berard-Malloy Convention or the Berard-Malloy Treaty is an international treaty dedicated to territorial disputes between sovereign states.

Like other treaties in the micronational community such as the Wrythe Convention, signatories do not simply by signing the convention and treaty extend any recognition to co-signatories, due to the "collective desire to ensure the survival of the natural world, and consequently, the human race" transcending any diplomatic differences between micronations.

Sough2020 was initially conceived during a Cupertino Alliance session on 11 June 2021; planning for the treaty would not begin until 19 June 2021. The entire treaty was produced over the course of 13 days by Chair Simon Reeve, Carson Snyder and Mike Lewis, during which 7 articles were produced. The treaty was presented to delegates during the Cupertino Digital Summit 2021 on 2 July 2021.


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