New Aberdare

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City of New Aberdare


Sovereign state  Aenopia
Territory File:NA flag.svg Greater New Aberdare
Region Northern Aenopia
Established 26 August 2019
City status 26 August 2019
Capital Status 26 August 2019
 - Body Greater New Aberdare Council
 - Emperor Logan I
 - Governor Leon Montan
 - City 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
Area rank 6th
Elevation 160 m (524 ft)
Population (2020)
 - City 6 (inhabited)
 - Rank 1st
 - Ethnicity White groups (100% )
Time zone AMT (UTC100 minutes)
GDP US$ 9.57  
– Per capita US$

New Aberdare is the capital city of the Empire of Aenopia located in Northwestern England consisting of a small house. This is the most densely populated territory of Aenopia, with the entire population of the territory being located in the capital. Aenopian law is enforced by the Emperor, and the territory is defended by the Aenopian Airforce. New Aberdare is home to multiple businesses are based which influence Aenopia's economy including Tollouse.


New Aberdare was annexed alongside the territory of Greater New Aberdare by Aenopia following a misinterpretation from Emperor Logan I during a discussion about territories on the GUM Discord server in August. A member of the Organisation made the statement that Aenopia's claims were suitable for Membership, for which Logan misread. Following this, he opted to annex the territory so Aenopia had a populated territory. After this decision, it was decided to replace New Llandudno with New Aberdare as the new capital, due to ease of controlling Aenopia.

In late August 2019, the decision was made to start construction on Aenopia's first High-Speed line within the city. During the existence of New Cymru, plans were created to build a high-speed line utilising OO gauge infrastructure and rolling stock. This never came to fruition, however. The line was to utilise existing rolling stock and track, which would result in a quicker opening time. However, the line's opening date was pushed back from September to December 2019 following delays in laying track amongst other things. The project was finally cut in December 2019 due to cost overruns and delays in opening.


Plans are underway for an airport to be built close to New Aberdare, for which will see flights into Great Britain operated by Aenopian Air. It is expected that the first flight will take off in 2021 utilising planes built by Marco - an aviation company located in New Llandudno that builds aircraft. These flights will fly to New Llandudno, the ex-capital of Aenopia. The capital was planned to have been served by Aenopia High-Speed, however the project was cancelled due to lack of Government funding and numerous delays.

Sister Cities

New Aberdare has 3 Sister cities, all of which were gained through phase one of the GUM Sister Cities project.

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