Aenopian Independence Party

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Aenopian Independence Party
LeaderLogan Ross
Founded2 July 2020
HeadquartersNew Aberdare
IdeologyBig tent
Social democracy
Colors     'Aenopian Blue'
Seats in Y Senedd of Empire of Aenopia
1 / 6
Governor Seats
1 / 5

Aenopian Independence Party (/njpɑːɪndɪˈpɛndəns/; officially Aenopian Independence from Emosia Party or AIP) is a political party in Aenopia initially created in July 2019 to advocate for Aenopian Independence from Empire of Emosia. Historically, the AIP has also advocated for an Aenopian Parliament and less power in the Monarchy however currently advocates for expansion of Aenopia.

The Political Party is the oldest Political Party in Aenopia, having initially been created soon after Aenopia's annexation by fellow OAM member Empire of Emosia. AIP earned its first seat in Y Senedd and the Governor seat of Bryniau Gwyrdd on 16 August.