Northern Aenopia

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Northern Aenopia

Region of the Empire of Aenopia
Great Britain
CapitalNew Aberdare
Founded1 July 2019
EmperorLogan Ross

Northern Aenopia is an administrative Region of the Empire of Aenopia. It contains the Aenopian Provinces of New Llandudno and Subsidiaries and Greater New Aberdare. It is the largest of the three regions by surface area.


New Cymru History

Both territories were initially annexed during the existence of the largely controversial New Cymru and became part of Terra and Subsidiaries on 16 May 2019. What is now known as the city of New Llandudno was initially named New Llandudno following annexation, however, a few days later it received a name change to become Terra for unknown reasons. The territory which is now known as New Llandudno and Subsidiaries only made up a small amount of the claim, with the majority of the territory consisting of 4 local streets with roughly 100+ residents living there.

The size of Terra and Subsidiaries was decreased to include what is now Greater New Aberdare (Which was known as Weissera Castle, part of the name of a song produced by Blue Öyster Cult) and New Llandudno and Subsidiaries as a result of concerns to the obscene claim, which it remained as for the rest of New Cymru's short life. Following the dissolution of New Cymru, a document was published highlighting which so-called "Territories" would go to which nations.[1] New Llandudno and Subsidiaries was earmarked for Logan's next nation, which became Aenopia. Claim over 'Weisseria Castle' (now known as Greater New Aberdare) was relinquished following New Cymru's dissolution.

Early Aenopian History

Following the dissolution of New Cymru, the territory of New Llandudno and Subsidiaries had been earmarked for Aenopian annexation as part of a document created by New Cymru. As a result, it was immediately annexed as part of the greater New Llandudno and Subsidiaries area and alongside the annexation, received a name change back to New Llandudno on July 1 2019. It became the first territory annexed as part of Aenopia, however, it was not long before Aenopia itself was annexed as part of Empire of Emosia.[2] The city was quickly named as the capital of the Dominion and remained as such during its time as a Dominion of Emosia.

Following the independence of Aenopia on 15 August 2019, New Llandudno was named as the Capital of the newly named Empire of Aenopia, and retained this title through the annexation of Southern Aenopian territories Aenopian Calver and Aenopian Teme in July and August 2019 respectively. It retained the status of Capital for a further 10 days after the Empire was formed before it was replaced by New Aberdare.

Current Aenopian History

New Llandudno Square, showing the signs pointing towards its Sister Cites.

On 26 August 2019, the territory of Greater New Aberdare was annexed as a result of a misinterpretation from Logan Ross during a discussion about territories on the GUM Discord server in August. A member of the Organisation made the statement that Aenopia's claims were suitable for Membership, for which Logan misread. Following this, he opted to annex the territory so Aenopia had a populated territory. As a result, New Llandudndo lost its capital status in favour of the smaller yet populated New Aberdare.

During November 2019, it was decided that Aenopia needed a road system akin to New Eiffel's road system, which was described by HRH Logan I as being "Impressive". The territory was quickly chosen to be a suitable location for an experimental road system, and the routes were planned out following research into the suitable roads. The first of these, AM-01, was opened on 21 January 2020 during a formal ceremony, with plans to open SR-01, the road connecting the motorway to New Llandudno in Spring 2020. On 26 January 2020, as part of an initiative led by the late Nicholas Randouler titled 'GUM Sister Cities Program', it was confirmed that the city of New Aberdare was to be twinned with the cities of Pasabrillo in Millania and îles de Betula in Misberia.


Northern Aenopia is made up of 2 Territories making up 414m².

Greater New Aberdare

NA CoA.svg

"Gustav Holst- Jupiter" (orchestral)

Capital cityNew Aberdare
Official language(s)English, Welsh
DemonymNew Aberdonian
LegislatureMonarchy of Aenopia
Established26 August 2019
Population6 residents
CurrencyPound Sterling
Aenopian Starling
Time zoneAMT: Aenopian Mean Time (40 mins ahead of GMT)

Greater New Aberdare (/ˌæbərˈdɛər/) is a territory of the Empire of Aenopia located in Northwestern England consisting of a small house. Despite its small size, it is the most densely populated territory of Aenopia, with the entire population of the territory being located in the capital. Aenopian law is enforced by the Emperor, and the territory is defended by the Aenopian Airforce. Greater New Aberdare is home to the capital of Aenopia, New Aberdare where the Monarchy is based..

New Llandudno and Subsidiaries


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