Aenopian Mean Time

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Aenopian Mean Time
World map with the time zone highlighted
UTC offset
Current time
13:35, 17 July 2024 AMT update
Observance of DST
DST is observed throughout this time zone.

Aenopian Mean Time (AMT for short) is the official time zone of Empire of Aenopia[1] and Dependencies. Located 40 minutes ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), it enables all Aenopian territories to use a standardized time zone without interference. It is also used by the Federation of the United States as its Time Zone.


New Cymru Era

Aenopian Mean Time began during the existence of New Cymru when it was felt necessary to use a standardized time zone for its obscene "claims". This resulted in Cymrunian Mean Time (CMT) which was used until it received a name change to Imperium Mean Time (IMT). Cymrunian Mean Time was officially adopted as New Cymru's Time Zone on 26 May 2019. Despite this official adoption of CMT as New Cymru's timezone, It retained this until dissolution.

Aenopian Era

Following the formation of Aenopia and the subsequent annexation by the Empire of Emosia, Imperium Mean Time was adopted as the Dominion's official time zone. In late-July, this received a name change to become Aenopian Mean Time (AMT).

Use within Micronations


As per the name, Aenopian Mean Time is primarily used within Empire of Aenopia alongside Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is universally used throughout United Kingdom and as a result, often used by Aenopian residents. Aenopian Mean Time has been officially adopted for Governmental use, with documents utilizing the time zone.

Unlike Macronations and their respected time zones, Aenopia is split into 5 territories spread across 133 miles and so as a result.


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