Transportation in Aenopia

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The Welcome to New Llandudno sign from SR-01.

Transportation in Aenopia consists of a small transportation system with currently one airport under development, two closed railway lines with talks of reopening one and no major car roads. Transport currently consists exclusively of walking or riding a bicycle/scooter or other novelty vehicles. Transportation is currently funded and operated by the Transport Department on behalf of the Aenopian Government.


Aenopia has 2 closed scale railway lines within the territory of Greater New Aberdare; one closed in 2017 and the other being cancelled in December 2019. The former was a OO Scale circular layout whilst the latter, commonly known as Aenopia High-Speed, was a Lego train set. Aenopia High-Speed was announced in August 2019 with a planned opening date of 1 September 2019. However, the launch was pushed back by 4 months due to delays in construction. By December 2019, Aenopian Government funding was cut, causing construction to be ceased.


Map of the Blue Route in New Llandudno and Subsidiaries; AM-01 in Blue with orange stripe

As often seen with Micronational transport systems, roads in Aenopia are usually paths or walkways which have been designated as a road and are used for transportation, be it walking, bikes, scooters and any other small wheeled vehicles. Aenopian Roads are split into 2 classifications: Highways (AM for Aenopian Motorway) and Secondary Routes (SR for Secondary Routes).


Aenopian Highways (AM for short) are often distinguished by several factors, such as having a smooth, flat surface and being suitable for travelling fater than 6 mph safely. Because of this, Aenopain Highways are less common than Secondary Routes. Aenopia currently has 1 'highway', AM-01 as part of the Blue Route in New Llandudno and Subsidiaries. AM-01 passes through the top of the territory, connecting the Aenopia-UK border bridge and SR-01 to the Eastern border. Plans for a highway ring road around the territory of Aenopian Calver have been drawn up, however such a project could only be initiated after the completion of the Blue Route project.

Secondary Routes

Secondary Roads (SR for short) are usually more common than Aenopian Highways, mainly because Secondary Roads do not meet the requirements to be classed as an AM. Secondary Roads are located entirely within New Llandudno and Subsidiaries as part of the Blue Route, and can be found in different sizes and distances, from being as short as SR-02 and connecting New Llandudno to its Airfield to being a regional intercity route in the case of SR-01.



Currently, there are no airports in Aenopia. However, there are plans for 2 airports within 2 territories; New Llandudno Joint Airstrip (A joint Airport and Airforce base) and New Aberdare Airport to supplement long distance flights between the two territories. Thee former will be connected to the city of New Llandudno by SR-02 secondary road, as part of the Blue Route project. It is expected both will be opened sometime in 2020.