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AenopiAir logo.png
MIS Code
Founded 23 July 2020; 2 years ago (2020-07-23)
Focus cities New Llandudno
New Aberdare
New Tenby (Proposed)
Fleet size 0 (as of July 2020)
Destinations 2 (planned)
Slogan Croeso ar fwrdd y llong (Welcome onboard)
Headquarters New Llandudno, Empire of Aenopia
Revenue Steady £0 (2020)
Net income Steady £0 (2020)

AenopiAir (/ˈnpɛər/) (also known as AenopiAir Airlines) is the Flag Carrier airline of the Empire of Aenopia and its largest airline by destinations and flights, headquartered in New Aberdare however actually based at New Llandudno Joint Airfield. It is the only airline certified to operate in Aenopian airspace. Intended to transport goods across Aenopian territories and regions, AenopiAir will operate across at least 3-4 Aenopian territories and both Northern and Southern regions of Aenopia.

AenopiAir was formed on 23 July 2020 by Simon Reeve to serve as the primary airline for Aenopia, specifically for New Llandudno Joint Airfield and its associated operations. The airline, alongside nearly all Aenopian companies, is nationalised and so owned and run by the Aenopian Government.


An example of a typical Boarding Pass utilised by AenopiAir.

AenopiAir was founded on 23 July 2020 by Simon Reeve to serve as the Flag carrier and primary airline of the Empire of Aenopia. Plans for a Flag Carrier airline for Aenopia have existed since the initial development for New Llandudno Joint Airfield, however nothing came to fruition.


As of July 2020, it is planned that AenopiAir will serve only 2 domestic destinations; New Llandudno and New Aberdare. It is also planned to operate flights to Halbesleben International Airport in Qaflana once opened.


Despite being the Flag Carrier and only airline serving Aenopia, AenopiAir only had 1 glider aircraft in its fleet as of July 2020. This is planned to change in the near future however. AenopiAir's fleet will mostly comprise of small RC Propeller aircraft due to the short distances being flown and small runways, most notably the proposed airfield at New Tenby.

Aircraft Image Top speed Fleet Into Service Built Routes Notes
mph km/h
Glider Aircraft
Noflag.png >15 >24 1 2020 2020 Testing and Training Primarily owned by the Aenopian Air Force,
Awyren 3T is currently used as a test aircraft.
To be retrofitted with electronics.

Future Fleet

Aircraft Image Top speed Fleet Into Service Built Routes Notes
mph km/h
Propeller Aircraft
TBC Noflag.png <25 <40 4 ~2021 TBC New Llandudno - New Aberdare
New Tenby services (proposed)


AenopiAir features an Atlantic Puffin, the national animal of the Empire of Aenopia, as its logo. The Aircraft Decour features the Airlines name in a dark blue italic font to represent the flag of Aenopia. The livery applied to AenopiAir aircraft also features large amounts of dark blue again to represent the flag of Aenopia.

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