Lurkish Aerolines

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Lurkish Aerolines
Lurkské Aerolinie.png
Founded April 7, 2013
Current operations April 7, 2013
Hubs Dreslerovo Mezinárodní Letiště, Podlurksko-Nekský Kraj
Secondary hubs Redwood City
Member lounge Dreslerovo Mezinárodní Lounge
Fleet size 1
Destinations 2
Parent company Diamond Transport
Headquarters Podlurksko-Nekský Kraj, Lurk
Key people Alex White

Lurkské Aerolinie a.s. (English: Lurkish Aeroline) was the national airline and flag carrier of the Noble Republic of Lurk and continues to operate on Micras. It has also been established in the Empyre of Slin, Lurk department as a flag carrier for the department and to serve Slin. It was founded for purpose of transportation between Lurkish exclaves, namely the Redwood City and Lurkská Oblast. Its only airplane was an RC airplane, other vehicles included an RC helicopter.


  • Dreslerovo Mezinárodní Letiště - Redwood City Airport