Lurk Hills

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Lurk Hills, Lurkish Area or Čihadla (in Czech) is an area where several micronations were located, mainly various incarnations of Lurk, small land claim of Monovia (Translurkská), Mercia (through Loringia) and the Kingdom of Zextar, a relatively small and inactive micronation which claims to be inspired by Lurk Federation.

Lurkish Area

The term Lurkish Area is relatively new term, used mainly since the Noble Republic of Lurk was formed to describe the area where all of the previous incarnations of Lurk used to be. This area includes Nek River, Lurk Hills, Hájsko, Xaverov, St. Maul's (Kyje), area near the Luxor City, Běchovice and many nearby fields. Only non-Lurkish local micronation (excluding claims, colonies of other micronations) was the Kingdom of Zextar, which became inactive after a few days.

Lurk Hills

Lurk Hills is a term to describe the hills, nearby fields, ponds and forests. The total area is estiamted to be at least 50 square kilometers. Historically, the area was claimed at start by Psíkov-Kost Plyšákov, a micronation of Radim Dresler. It is most likely they used to call the hills differently, but no record of this was kept.

Acrestian Forest

Even though Acrestian forest is located remotely and not considered to be part of the Lurkish Area, it has a very long shared history with the rest of the Lurk hills area. Its micronational history traces only to Lurk Federation, which claimed the area due to its close location to Lurk hills and similar nature. After the collapse of the United Provinces of Utopia, Acrest became a sovereign state controlled by Lurk, and it was later given to Monovia, which claimed it till its dissolution. The current status of Acrest and surrounding areas is unknown, it was most likely returned back to the Czech Republic by the Monovians.