Foreign relations of Lurk

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Foreign relations of Lurk is the result of the foreign policy of the central Lurkish government, which guides interaction with other countries, citizens and intergovernmental organisations on behalf of all the Lurkish cantons. Lurk's foreign relations can be described as long-lasting agreements based on mutual recognition, non-interference, neutrality and mutual cooperation. Lurk's foreign policy is regulated by

Lurk's foreign relations trace their history to the establishment of the LurkSAR on 25 June 2011, when the LurkSAR attempted to establish contact with New Jonesland.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministerstvo zahraničí
Agency overview
Formed 2011
Headquarters Ravensburg
Minister responsible Vacant

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the agency responsible for maintaining and initiating diplomatic relations with the wider micronational world.

Intergovernmental organisations

Lurk was formerly a member of various micronational organisations, including the OAM, IMTO, CSP, GUM and few other short-lived organisations.


Flag Organisation Diplomatic relations began Notes
Antarctic Micronational Union 8 March 2015
  • Lurk claims portion of the Palmer land
  • Lurk is an active member of the organisation (Summer 2016)

Special relationships

Special relationships (Czech: Speciální vztahy) are foreign relationships that, unlike most foreign affairs, do not only include mutual recognition and cooperation, but either create special institutions or share sovereignty over specific pieces of land. Formerly, they included the United Provinces of Utopia, NSSR and one Lurkish protectorate.


Flag Country Diplomatic relations began Notes
Coronese confederation 17 April 2015
  • Coronese confederation is a regional confederation of four Czech micronations
  • Lurk is a founding member of the Coronese confederation
Mercia 9 February 2014
  • Lurk shares sovereignty with Mercia over Loringia
  • Loringia shares Mercian, local and Lurkish laws

Formal foreign relations

Formal foreign relations include foreign relations formalised by an bilateral agreement (excluding only informal friendships) and compose majority of Lurkish foreign affairs.


Flag Country Diplomatic relations began Notes
Adammia, Empire of 2014
Akharnes, Federal Republic of 2013
Jorduda, Republic of 2015 Czech micronation
Juclandia, Kingdom of 25 November 2011
Monovia, Principality of 2011 Current status of relations unknown
Nedland, Autonomous region of 2015 Nedland is currently a substate of Paravia
Slin, Empyre of 2012