National Assembly (Lurk)

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National Assembly of Lurk
Noble Republic of Lurk
Type Bicameral
Upper house
Lower house
President Alex W.
since June 25, 2011
Membership 17 delegates
Meeting place
Web site

The National Assembly of the Noble Republic of Lurk, or simply National Assembly of Lurk, is the legislative branch of the government of Lurk. It is bicameral, consisting of the Chamber of Deputies and the Council of Cantons. Currently, the Chamber of Deputies is dissolved and all of its duties are exercised by the Council of Cantons.

Powers and duties

Council of Cantons

Chamber of Deputies

Political parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Colours Seats
Council of Cantons Chamber of Deputies
Lurkish Liberal Party LLP Alex White green, blue, white
3 / 17
Social Democratic Party of Lurk SDPL NG
1 / 17


Council of Cantons

Each Canton of the Noble Republic of Lurk has a right to send one delegate to the Council of Cantons to represent the canton. Rules regarding obtaining the position depend on the internal processes and laws of the cantons, if there are none in place, the President may choose one instead.

Image Full Name Canton Parliamentary Group
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Term Start Notes
Alex White Ravensburg LLP 16 July 2016
Richard Hytholoday Redwood -
Patrick Renwick Canton of Lurk -
Alejandro Whyatt Lurkish Giant Mountains -
Lucas Campos Vertylia -
Horatio Eden Podlurksko-Neksko -
NG Translurk SDPL -
NG1. Loringia2. SDPL -
Newton von Uberquie Saar LLP -
Brandon Wu Canton of Elysia -
Vacant Western Acrest -
Vacant Southwestern Acrest -
James Frisch Vinice -
Kerry Stapleton Xaverian canton -
Sophia Albina Transacrestia LLP -
Emiel Hardy Lurkish Antarctic Zone -
Michal Nowacki Litvania-Lurk -

1. – NG is the chosen representative of both cantons, although he may only represent one at a time. 2. – Representing Loringia in the Council of Cantons only.

Chamber of Delegates

Currently, the Chamber of Delegates is dissolved.


For most of Lurk's history, a similar organ, called the Great Assembly, or All-Union Great Assembly, existed. It was, unlike the National Assembly, an unicameral legislature that was mostly inactive. The longest serving member was the Premier of the Lurk Federation, and at certain points even the only one. No sessions were held, the Premier only issued laws under its authority or by decrees. In the Noble Republic of Lurk, it transformed into the National Assembly of Lurk and became bicameral, despite the upper house being suspended.

Lurk Federation

The Great Assembly was, with the Premier, the only legislative body in the whole nation and enjoyed power limited only by the constiution.

Noble Republic of Lurk

The Great Assembly reviews every law proposal before a referendum is created. The Assembly must review its constitutionality and if it is not with contradiction to other laws. However, since the adoption of the Second Constitution, it has greater legislative powers comparable to any National parliament.

Former members of the Great Assembly

Member Assumed office Ended office Party Position
Alex W. June 25, 2011 Prime Minister
Ryan Kevin van der Linden June 25, 2011 No party Former President
Harry Fitzpatrick November 15, 2011 No party
Matthew Burklandssen November 15, 2011 Communist Party of the Lurk Federation Minister of Internal Affairs

All members left the Great Assembly after the Lurk Federation was reformed into the Archduchy of Lurk and the Noble Republic of Lurk.