Principality of Ravensburg

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Principality of Ravensburg
Knížectví Ravensburkské (cz)
—  Federal Subject of Lurk  —
Country Lurk
Created 2011
Founder Karl Friedrich
 - Council Representative Karl Friedrich
 - Total n/a
Demonym Ravensburgish
Time zone Central European Time (CET)

The Principality of Ravensburg (Czech: Knížectví Ravensburkské) is a federal subject and principality within the Noble Republic of Lurk. Its capital city, also called Ravensburg, is the second largest city of Lurk, and the only remaining part of the former capital Luxor City (also known as New Leningrad), of which it was the mayor's office. The city serves as the meeting point of the cabinet, several companies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is also the smallest of cantons in Lurk, as it is only 10 m2.