United Coronese Provinces

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United Coronese Provinces
Spojené provincie Coronské
三叉星 XA
Δᛘ ᐂϥϓ LR



State Symbol of the Coronese Confederation.png
State symbol (de facto)

State Anthem of the Coronese confederation
State Anthem of the Coronese Confederation
Various member-state anthems
Map of the Coronese Confederation.png
Capital city None
Largest city None
Official language(s) Czech
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Corona
Demonym Coronese
Government Confederation
- Chairman of the Council of the Confederation Alex White
- Chairman of the Council of the Confederation Alex White
- First Minister of the Cabinet Praeniy Naemal II.
Legislature Grand Council of the Coronese Confederation
- Type - Bicameral parliament
- Number of seats - 4
- Last election - TBD
Established 17 April 2015
Population 291
87,062 including full Mekniyan population
Currency Corona
Time zone +1
Three member-states

The United Coronese Provinces, simply known as Coronsko, are a territorial micronational confederation located mainly within the Czech Republic and the United States. Currently, the confederation includes three member states: the Noble Republic of Lurk, the Empire of Mekniy and the Khanate of Nedland. The Confederation is ruled by a bicameral (in the current state unicameral) Grand Council composed of the Council of the Confederation and Council of the People. Chairman of the Council of the Confederation is the head of state and government.


The Confederation takes name from the Corona currency union which predates the Coronese confederation by months. The name Corona was proposed by the Mekniy leader Praeniy Naemal II., after a lenghty debate on potential names. Because the name was used for a common project before, it was accepted by all member states of the Confederation.

In national languages


In the constructed Loringian language, the word ᐂϥϓ (Corona) is translated as the Sun. This translation is derived from the Solar Corona.


In Mekniyan language Nissiian, Corona translates to ㄚ日 (Yeon) which means round, or circle, the newer name 三叉星 [kxeumseol], or in Midaic K'msol, means star with three ends.


In Šlovedkian, Corona translates to Kurúnsku, which means "Land of the coronas."


The Confederation was formed on 17 April 2015 during a discussion in the UMSE Assembly, which then was a hub for the Czech micronational community, after a lengthy discussion regarding the state of the member state micronations and the state of the Czech community in general. It was thought that, if all the UMSE member states could focus on what they do best, a grander micronation might arise.

Member states

Currently, there are three member states, two of which (Lurk and Mekniy) are the founding member states. Formerly, there were five member states.

Flag Coat of Arms Name Abbr Anthem Joined
Flag of the Lurk Republic.png Lurkcoa.png

Noble Republic of Lurk
Vznešená republika lurkská

LRK 17 April 2015
Vlajka knizectvi Ravensburg.png Vlajka knizectvi Ravensburg.png Principality of Ravensburg LRR as Lurk
RDCA.png Lurkcoa.png Free City of Redwood LRW
Flag of Lorynsko.png Coat of Arms of Archduchy of Loringia.png Archduchy of Loringia LRO
N/A Other cantons N/A
KMV2.png Novýznak.png

Empire of Mekniy
mekniyNi manaseoNun

MKY 17 April 2015
Niyi.png Prefecture of Niyi MNS as Mekniy
Rys.png Prefecture of Esagitia MES
Asura.png Prefecture of Asura MAS
KMV.png Prefecture of Baegga MBG
KMV2.png Prefecture of Troya MTR
Flag of Nedland.png Tamga of Nedland.png

Khanate of Nedland

NDL All Hail the Glorious Nedland 13 February 2017
Demokratia2.png Coat of Arms - Transparent.jpeg Autonomous Anarchist Province of Valkadia NDV as Nedland
Flag of Patistan.png Flag of Patistan.png Khanate of Patistan NDP
Flag of Nedland.png Tamga of Nedland.png Departments of Nedland NDD



Confederal organisations


The Coronese Standardisation Organisation, or CSO for short, is the only organisation that can issue standards in the technical fields, official abbreviations, postal codes and official measurement standards. It also oversees the number designation of Coronese roads.