Flag of Lurk

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Flag of Noble Republic of Lurk
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Flag of Noble Republic of Lurk
Use National flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted June 26, 2011
Design Three equal lines
Designed by Alex W.

The flag of the Noble Republic of Lurk (Aerian: ⊢/‾ /‾N∠∠) is a national ensign officially adopted on June 25, 2011.


Republican Standard

The Republican Standard is the name of the current flag of the Noble Republic of Lurk. The flag obtained its name in December 2012 by Alex White, due to its usage by republican governments. It was designed on 26 June 2011 by Alex White, Prime Minister of the Republic of Lurk. Since then, it has been used until January 2012, when new design (black Scandinavian cross on white background) was adopted. Later in October 2012, the official flag of Lurk was reverted to the Republican Standard. On 30 October 2012, more than a year after it was designed, Alex White obtained a physical form of the flag.

Unnamed Nordic cross

In January 2012, when the Lurkish government was preparing a cultural shift to German (namely Prussian) culture, flag was one of the things that had to be changed. The flag itself is based on Denmark's flag, except it's proportions were two to three. The flag's colours were inspired completely by the flag of Prussia, which used similar designs as war flags.