Lurkish Television Broadcasting Committee

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Lurkský výbor pro televizní vysílání
PredecessorLTV (informally established)
Founded8 May 2012
FounderGovernment of the Noble Republic of Lurk, Decree #
Lurk department, Empyre of Slin 3 September 2013
HeadquartersNoble Republic of Lurk,
Victory road 2
Střední Lurk
Area served
Key people
Alex White
OwnerNoble Republic of Lurk (100%)
ParentMinistry of Inland Affairs
DivisionsLurkská Televize

The Lurkský výbor pro televizní vysílání (English: Lurkish Television Broadcasting Committee) is the national broadcasting company and supervisor of private TV stations in the Noble Republic of Lurk, and is the national broadcasting company of the Lurk department in Slin. Currently, it operates one TV channel LTV1. The second channel, LTV2 was in preparation, but the idea was scrapped on 3 September 2013.



LTV1 is the main channel of the company. The channel broadcasts mainly news and announcements with several documentaries in making. Currently, the LTV operates only in Lurk and on the Internet, and broadcasts have no schedule - ranging from days to months. Every broadcasting day starts with a characteristic theme tune and ends with the national anthem.

Broadcast format

Typically, the broadcast starts with a test card. It is then followed by the LTV logo. Usually, either an announcement or the programme for the broadcast is presented afterwards. After the introduction is over, Lurk Today is broadcasted. Following this, the Lurkish anthem is played, or rarely, the Weather for the next few days is shown.

Lurk Today

Lurk Today is the Lurkish TV show focused on developments in Lurk and intermicronational news. Lurk Today was first broadcasted on YouTube on 2 April 2012, making it older than the LTV itself. The first version was created by Lurkish National and had many technological problems and a macronational report, which was since then removed from the news. It is the only TV show on LTV1 to date. The news are text-only with blue background and accompanied by music.

No. in
Title card Top story Original air date Runtime Internal story Foreign story
1 Formation of Indonovia 2 April 2012 1:28 Formation of Lurkish National None
2* Constitutional changes, Krajs and Oblasts 15 March 2013 1:20 New claims Lostisland leaves the GUM
3 Cultural shift 8 May 2013 0:50 Creation of the LVTV Formation of the United States of Sheffield
4* Parliamentary holidays over 23 June 2016 1:20 Lurk turns 5 years old, new canton proposal, three referendums Renewed diplomatic activities

* – livestreamed


LTV2, instead of LTV1 was planned to be an entertainment channel, with various foreign TV shows planned to be shown. Ultimately, this idea has failed due to inactivity of Lurk and incorporation into Empyre of Slin.

Kyng Second's Bulletyn

The Committee also creates the Kyng Second's Bulletyn, where Kyng Second announces news in the Empyre, his ideas for the future of it and addresses some issues. It is also supposed to be used as a platform to address the nation. The Committee is never mentionted in any of the videos.