Atlantis Media Broadcasting Network

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Atlantis Media Broadcasting Network
Type: Corporation
Genre: Public Broadcasting Service
Founded 30 September 2010
Founders: Jordan I, Paweł Dworzycki and Alexander Virgili
Headquarters: Atlantis

The Atlantis Media Broadcast Network or AMBN is an organization, that provides live or recorded content, such as movies, newscasts, sports, and public affairs programs for broadcast over a group of radio or television stations. They are generally primarily either a television network or a radio network, although some organizations run both types of networks. The AMBN is a part of the National Journalism Agency, and therefore under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Youth, Communication, and Sport.


Radio 1 is lead by Paweł Dworzycki,it is the main Radio program in Republic of Atlantis. And for now it is the only radio providing News, Political Campaigns and everything. The Radio had it's very first broadcast on the day of 9 October 2010.


RoA 24 is currently not operational, but will provide all the latest news.

RoA Games is currently not operational. This station will provide gameplays from video games.