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Chaowanese Imperial Central Television
Type Radio and television broadcaster
Country Chaowan
Availability Nationwide
Owner Imperial Government of Chaowan
Key people Thomas To, Director General
Launched 30 March 2015
Motto Forward and earnest

Chaowanese Imperial Central Television (CICTV;Cantonese: 朝萬帝國中央電視台 (朝萬電視), Cháo wàn dìguó zhōngyāng diànshìtái) is a state television broadcaster in Chaowan, located in the capital city, Taifeng. CICTV is the only official source of television news for Chaowanese.

CICTV is part of the Chaowanese Central Broadcasting System, the state-owned media network of the Chaowanese Empire, and is part of its television arm of three television stations.


CICTV was established in 2014 as Jinghai Broadcasting Network (JBN) during the Wu dynasty. Robert Zhang personally envisioned that the time was ripe for television broadcasting in the Chaowanese Empire, but this was not yet to happen. Thus, the JBN began an 1-year period of preparation for commencement of television broadcasts, with the help of the national government.

JBN was renamed as the Chaowanese Imperial Central Televiion (CICTV) on 30 March 2015.

CICTV today

Now, KCTV broadcasts 7 to 8 hours each day from 14:30 until between 22:00 and 23:30 daily, and 15 hours from 08:30 to between 22:00 on weekends and key national holidays. There is another exception, for the emergency events in Chaowan at night or daytime, it starts up without any announcers or the Voice of Chaowan interval signal. The station is still open until that event becomes normal. Template:Chaowan navbox