Dale Broadcasting Network

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Dale Broadcasting Network
Founded22nd August 2011
FounderDale Government
Area served
Key people
Danny Clarke
ServicesYoutube, twitter, radio
WebsiteDBN Youtube Dale Radio

The Dale Broadcasting Network is a youtube, twitter and spreaker based broadcaster of dale sport, news and weather and dale radio. They are the official broadcaster of the country and the only dale based and run broadcaster in the world. Although never formally dissolved the organisation's role within Dale-Woking micronations and potential role in the M-League was taken by the Dale News Agency which took over all video media activities.


- The official news broadcaster of the Dale Republic and the corner stone of the visual dale media. They broadcast major events in and around the Dale Republic and its surrounding countries and are a important image of the dale media.

- The official sport broadcaster of the Dale Republic. They are the only dale network allowed to provide post match interviews of the Dale National Football Team.


- The official sport broadcaster of the Dale Republic. They are the only dale network allowed to provide live Dale football commentry of the Dale National Football Team.


- Dale Radio 1 is the Dale Republic's first radio station which uses the website www.spreaker.com to broadcast it's part time one hour long radio show's for free and is broadcasted internationally making it avaliable to the rest of the world. Dale Radio 1 is split into 4 sections Dale news, news of the intermicronational community, Macronational news and the most populer stories of that day.

- Dale Radio 2 is the second radio station for the Dale Republic which is run outside the Dale Republic. This station is a music mainly station with request for music given by other people to the station via twitter and maybe the use of email may be used but only for music requested in advance. The twitter account for the request is here.

- Dale Radio 3 is planned to be the third radio station for the Dale Republic which will be run by any volunteers for the space. This station will the borrowed by other micronations which wish to easierly broadcast their own micronations news and their own music with English programs being up to half an hour hour long and programs in other languages up to half an hour long as well. Dale Radio 3 is also the comedy base of the Dale Broadcasting Network.

Whats avaliable to listern

  • Dale Radio 1 - News
  • Dale Radio 1 - Interviews
  • Dale Radio 1 - Group discussions
  • Dale Radio 2 - Music
  • Dale Radio 3 - intermicronational news
  • Dale Radio 3 - "Stand up" Comedy
  • Dale Weather - Weather
  • Dale Weather - Weather warnings report

Who uses what

Future plans

- Dale Radio 1 plans to start interviews with foreign leaders and civilians of other micronations via skype and phone with questions able to be asked by listerners via the radio stations future twitter account making asking questions quicker.

Terms and conditions

When signing up for a 30 minute or more slot for Dale Radio 3 and Dale Radio schedule you are obligating yourself that you will be avaliable to make your broadcast and can only cancel up to 2 hours before it's airing. you may only broadcast when your half an hour slot begins or after the person before you has finished you may continue into the next slot if you have to you can add your slots freely but when you go live you must use the recommended station.


Interviews are a major part of news channels but because Dale News is not a major news broadcaster interviews are left to Dale Radio 1 which is trying to make a name for itself by the use of intermicronational interviews, the first interviews are expected to be with british based micronations because if all else fails a simple phone call can mean the interview will almost always happen as scheduled. Below is a list of interviews and when they were;