Department of Foreign Affairs(DR)

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Dale Republic
Department of Foreign Affairs
Formed22nd September 2011
JurisdictionDale Republic
HeadquartersWoking City, Woking district
Minister responsibleDanny Clarke
Dale Republic

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The Department of Foreign Affairs, commonly called the Foreign Department or the DFA(Not to be mistaken with the Dale Football Association) is a Dale government department responsible for promoting the interests of the Dale Republic overseas, and was founded on the 22nd september 2011 as one of the original departments of the Dale Republic.

Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs is the Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the Dale Republic, commonly abbreviated to "Foreign Minister" (currently Danny Clarke).


Founded with the official founding of the Dale Republic on the 22nd September 2011 as one of the first offices opened by the new democratic government as the Department of Foreign Affairs and became the Department of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs on the 19 November 2011 with the founding of the Dale Commonwealth.

It has also sustained relations with its foreign allies including the Republic of Atlantis, the Kingdom of Juclandia and the Kingdom of New Anglia.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is also responsible for the Dale Republic's relations with it's organizations including the Atlantis-Woking Cooperatin Council and the Organisation of Micronational Ambient Protection.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs

# Name Term in office Party affiliation
Danny Clarke
Oct 22, 2011 — Apr 30, 2012
Woking Independence Party


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