Department of Culture, Media and Sport (Dale Republic)

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Dale Republic
Department of Culture, Media and Sport
Formed22nd September 2011
JurisdictionDale Republic
HeadquartersKingfield City, Kingfield district
Minister responsibleJames Hunt
Dale Republic

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Dale Republic


The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is a Dale government department , with responsibility for culture, media and sport in the Dale Republic. The department is also responsible for the delivery of the 2013 MFA World Cup should the Dale Republic be voted to host the event.


The main offices of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport are located in the Dale Republic's capital of culture, Kingfield City, Kingfield district.


# Name Term in office Party affiliation
James Hunt
Oct 22, 2011 — Present
Conservative Party
Key Conservative Party

History and responsibilities

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport were founded on the 22nd september 2011 along with many other departments of the Dale government departments.

2013 World Cup

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport were the body which authorised the application for the 2013 MFA World Cup, and will appointe and oversee the agencies delivering the Games' infrastructure and programme, principally the World Cup Delivery Authority (WCDA) which would be founded should the Dale Republic win its bid for the games, will organise, prepare and run the games'. The World Cup Delivery Authority will also work with the Department of Tourism to best deliver the game and receive a best possible turn out of both spectators and competing teams.

Policy areas

It is responsible for government policy in the following areas:

  • the Arts
  • Broadcasting
  • Internet policy
  • Telecommunications and broadband
  • Creative industries
  • Advertising
  • Arts market
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Music industry
  • Publishing
  • Historic environment
  • Architecture and design
  • Cultural property and heritage
  • Entertainment licensing
  • Press freedom and regulation
  • Libraries
  • Museums and galleries
  • Sport

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