Dale governmental elections, 2012

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April 2012 Dale government elections
Previous ElectionOctober 2011
Next ElectionNovember 2012
WPNP Danny Clarke
LCP James Hunt
Dale Republic

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The April 2012 Dale government elections were the first elections to decide both the president and the newly created Prime Minister post as head of Government in the Dale Republic and marked a possible re-election of the Woking People's Nationalist Party as the leading party of the Dale Montering, the Dale Republic's lower house. The Elections were between the Woking People's Nationalist Party, the Liberal-Conservative party of the Dale Republic. The Elections were to find the President of the Dale Republic and the Prime Minister of the Dale Republic, aswell as to fill the 3 seats of the Dale Montering.


Woking People's Nationalist Party

Founded by the former king of the Kingdom of the Dale Empire, Danny Clarke as the United Dale Party which was a nationalist party, however the party quickly developed into the Woking Independence Party as his ambitions of a Woking Independence Movement grew, interesting him to create a nationalist party for this movement ambition. However, under the agreement to reduce the number of political parties by the april elections the Labour Party of the Dale Republic was merged into the Woking Independence Party to form the Woking People's Nationalist Party.

The Woking People's Nationalist Party is a powerful party in the Dale Goverment even before it's founding the United Dale Party and Woking Independence Party shared this level of power over it's rival party, the Conservative Party. The Woking People's Nationalist Party is also favorite to win because it won the first election back in October 2011, showing it's popularity inMicroWiki as the Woking Independence Party.

Liberal-Conservative Party

Founded by James Hunt as the Conservative Party who is seen as more of a cultural and sporty person considering him being head of Culture, manager of the Dale National Football Team and head of the Dale Football Association rather than a polition making him a lesser competitor to the Woking People's Nationalist Party. His votes from the last election were 0 compared to the 14 that the Woking Independence Party got last election makes the Dale Conservative Party less likely to win the election.


On April 23 both candidates gave speeches declaring their intentions should either be elected.

James Hunt (LCP)

Ok, as a lot of you will be aware, it is elections week in the Dale Republic. It is a head to head between me and Danny. A lot of people have been asking me what I would do if I got into power, and so here is your answer.

First of all, everyone in this group would be given a title. For example, Adam would be the Minister of Food and Ollie would become the Minister of Education. I feel that this would give everyone targets to reach for the Republic and also bring about a sense of togetherness.

Another thing that I would do is make sport within the Republic a priority. For example, I would create the Cricket team and any other team that the people would want. I will also arrange a committie to create various songs and chants for the various teams that we may have to give the teams a much n...eeded boost in the middle of crucial games, such as the Polination matches in July.

The last thing that I would do is to make the Capital of the Dale Republic the Kingfield district. This is because of Woking Football Club being there so we would gain fianacial benefits, especially after their recent promotion into the Blue Square Bet Premier.

My policies are not just my own, I have done my research and this is what the people want. And if whoever votes for me make their voices well and truely heard, then together, we can achieve change and great things for the Dale Republic.

Danny Clarke (WPNP)

In responce to James i have done my own, following it with questions to James and also giving my own opinions on his intentions aswell.

If i am re-elected i will begin a modernization programme to make the Dale Republic one of the more up-to-date and revolutionary micronation compared to some of the other more experienced micronations.

I will also continue my extensive planning of matches for the Dale national football team (5 currently under planning), note that when i founded the team i said one match would be guaranteed and i have secured at least 2 for sure with the possible of taking part in competitive competitions such as the 2013 Micronational World Cup.

Thirdly i will focus on increasing on improving the voting system for the next election and i explain that this system is in use because of a small population and with a larger population in time for November's election would mean a completely internal vote, so do not blame me for this system blame the people who don't want to take part (note that most micronational democracies use the same system even if they have populations of over 30 people), this will likely include the acceptence of independents in the Dale Republic and possible a by-election should the Dale population rise high enough before the next elections.

Now is my questions to James, How do you expect people to take positions when ive tried for the past 7 months and no one's offered to fill positions? And what is the point of creating sport teams when there is no one to play against? Kinda pointless is it not? Why have a committie to create various songs and chants when the people who would most likely do the chants would likely be the one's playing? And why would making Kingfield the capital make any fianacial benefits when the only reason some micronations are comming to woking people the occasional football match we're going to play?

Now for my opinions on James intentions, I understand his intentions, trying to go by what people are saying but thats not always good for the micronation. Giving away positions is all well and good until some people stop doing their jobs and the beginning of a drop in activity, which isan't good for the Dale Republic. Secondly what is the point of creating a cricket team when there isan't any opposition which means the squad will just be sitting about waiting more likely for the Dale Republic's next football match. Also, as ive already said, why have a committie to create various songs and chants when the people who would most likely do the chants would likely be the one's playing? and Why make Kingfield the Capital when there would be no benefit in doing so and the normal measures for a capital (Population over 60,00, history oldest in the republic, culture art, cinema and fashion and political importance woking borough council and headquaters of all woking political parties) would make Woking the capital, meanwhile Kingfield has the Woking Football Club only.

While some of my ideas have been out of touch from what all of you wanted, a majority of what ive done you have wanted most importantly and notable the Dale national football team founded by me during the Dale Empire and control handed to James, also so far all matches so far, although approved by James have been organized by me, meaning that although i don't have control over the squad i have planned all fixtures which is in the end the more notable thing about it.

And to end, who do you really think is gonna make the bigger difference, someone who knows politics and interacts with the intermicronational community organizing these fixture which what the people want or a person (no offence James) has focused thus far focused on our training rather then actual matches and the organizing behind it.


The election experienced criticism from both citizens and the President of the Dale Republic, while the citizens criticised the legitimacy of the external-internal vote system, the President criticised the lack of infomation and large scale unorganization by either party in giving policies to a minimal of topics such as politics or Sports only and how they were able to ignore or even discouraged by voters in explaining their policies with areas such as foreign policy being ignored by voters and neglected by the Liberal-Conservative Party altogether. The president also criticised how debates were handled with "organized bullying by the supports of the Liberal-Conservative Party by ignoring and inturupting the president while sushing him when he tried to do the same upon his opposition." The voters also had their criticism towards the external-internal voting system by blaming the Woking People's Nationalist Party for its use despite the Liberal-Conservative Party admitting its part in its use for the election.

Possible resolution

In a private discussion between the President of the Dale Republic with his opposition, taken place on the 28th April 2012, the president proposed a coalition and july-august by-election to trial a new voting system, the president considered a coalition a better option over a LCP lead government, however further discussing of this was put on hold by the leader of the Liberal-Conservative Party who wished to wait until after the elections, which the president considered too late and pointless considering a Liberal-Conservative Party victory was already assured.

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