Grand Empire of Knaphill

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Grand Empire of Knaphill
Coat of arms
CapitalKnaphill City
Largest cityGoldsworth Park
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Establishment21 October 2012
• Census
Time zoneGMT(Greenwich Mean Time)±0
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Dale Republic
Surrey Democratic Republic

The Knaphill Empire also officially known as the Grand Empire of Knaphill, was a English micronation situated in west part of Woking borough, Surrey. It was an Absolute monarchy which *de facto* broke away from the inactive Dale Republic in October 21, 2012. However, it has not officially declared its independence from the Dale Republic, thus its independence is seen as *de facto*. The Grand Empire of Knaphill is bordered by the United Kingdom to the west and the Dale Republic to the east. The nation's geography is low lying heavily forested with mainly forests and swamps seperating populated areas.


Originally Part of the Dale Republic the Grand Empire of Knaphill *de facto* declared independence by the emperor in an attempt to restart his micronational presence with a new start. It was formed on October 21, 2012 but is yet to declare it to the Dale Republic.

The Grand Empire of Knaphill was short lived after quickly taking over the remainder of Woking borough and also Guildford borough to form the Surrey Democratic Republic as a replacement state for the reunified and expanded Woking micronation.


The Grand Empire of Knaphill is an absolute monarchy ruled by an emperor. However, there are plans to turn the micronation into a democratic republic under a Socialist President of the Surrey Democratic Republic after a reunification of Woking, and the expansion into Guildford.

Foreign Affairs

Flag Nation Status Recognition type Notes
Republic of Tiana Recognised Recognises all territorial claims by Tiana Informal Relations
Republic of Lostisland N/A N/A Treaty planned but not proposed


Knaphill News Network

The Knaphill News Network is the first news outlet in the Grand Empire of Knaphill, it uses the slogan, "The news leading to Woking reunification", this relates to the Emperor's intentions to return Woking to a single active micronation, with early suggestions saying it would likely be a socialist micronation to avoid the mistakes of the weak form of democracy practiced by the Dale Republic.