Surrey Democratic Republic

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Surrey Democratic Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: Workers of Surrey, Unite!
CapitalWoking City
Largest cityGuildford City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentSocialist state
LegislatureSurrey National People's Council
Establishment26 October 2012
• /230,700 census
CurrencyPound sterling
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time

The Surrey Democratic Republic is a Socialist state established after the reunification of the Dale Republic and Grand Empire of Knaphill on October 26, 2012 after they were separate micronations for 5 days. The SDR has an area of 334.5 km², bordering the United Kingdom on all sides.


Dale Woking

The Kingdom of the Dale Empire was the first MicroWiki Woking micronation being founded May 22, 2011. The micronation claimed territory mainly in Woking borough before it was replaced by the Dale Republic on September 22, 2012 as the Dale Transitional Council before its first election ended on October 26, 2012 with D Sherman declared the 1st President of the Dale Republic. The Dale Republic suffered a largely unstable political system with much public discomfort with how little or even how much power the president apparently had. The Dale Republic fell into inactivity as a result of continued political instability.

Knaphill independence

After a largely failed attempt at returning activity to the Dale Republic, D Sherman declared the Grand Empire of Knaphill as an independent micronation, this was excepted by the Dale Republic upon its declaration on October 24, 2012. However, it was very short lived after the Dale Republic collapsed on October 26, 2012 and the Grand Empire of Knaphill unified Woking borough under a new micronation, the Surrey Democratic Republic.

Socialist reunification

The Surrey Democratic Republic replaced the reunified Woking borough micronations after they were two separate micronations for 5 days because People's President, D Sherman founded the Grand Empire of Knaphill as he wanted to become an active part in the MicroWiki community again which he didn't feel he was getting as a part of the Dale Republic.

Government and Politics

The Surrey Democratic Republic is a Socialist state who's head of state is the People's President, currently D Sherman, also leader of the Surrey People's Socialist Party. The Surrey Democratic Republic's national legislature is the Surrey National People's Council which is solely manned by the Surrey People's Socialist party.

Surrey National People's Council

The Surrey National People's Council (SNPC) is the national legislature of the Surrey Democratic Republic and is only held by the Surrey Democratic Republic's only political party, the Surrey People's Socialist Party (SPSP). Seats are only available to members of the SPSP who request seats and are granted them by the People's President of the Surrey Democratic Republic.

Surrey People's Socialist Party

The Surrey People's Socialist Party is (SPSP) the only political party in the Surrey Democratic Republic. No other political party has been either created or accepted as a legitimate party in the Surrey Democratic Republic to be able to have seats in the Surrey National People's Council.

Administrative divisions

The Surrey Democratic Republic is made up of two provinces, Woking and Guildford Provinces. Neither has representation with the Surrey National People's Council but both have a regional capital cities, from which the provinces are named after, Woking and Guildford. The province boundaries are based on preëxisting British constituency boundaries.

Foreign affairs

Flag Nation Status Recognition type Notes
Republic of Tiana Recognised Recognises all territorial claims by Tiana Informal Relations
(Alliance planned)
Over-Lorrokha Republic Mutual recognition and diplomacy Recognises all territorial claims by the OLR


SDR Infomation Service

The SDR Infomation Service is the only news service in the Surrey democratic Republic. It is also the only provider of SDR related news articles for the MicroWiki community.

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