Woking City

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Woking City
Provisional Flag of Woking

Photo of Peacock Centre
Sovereign state Flag of DWFR.png Dale-Westland
Republic RND flag.png Republic of New Dale
District Woking Province
Founded 2011

Time zone DCT (UTC±0)

Woking is the capital of the Republic of New Dale, a republic of the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic. The Dale capital is not home of any New Dale officials. Woking City is located within the Woking province. Woking city was best known previously as the capital of the Dale Republic. With a population of 62,796 as of 2001, Woking has the 3rd highest population in the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic after Dundee, 156,561, of the Republic of Caladonia and Guildford City, 74,124, of the Guildford Federal City.


Given the status of city by the Dale Republic, Woking City was its capital through its entire history despite talks by then Liberal-Conservative Party candidate, James Hunt, who wanted to move the capital to Kingfield. However, political issues within the Dale Republic led to these plans being forgotten. Woking then automatically became the capital of the Republic of New Dale upon its creation despite being the second largest city after Guildford City which later became the capital of the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic.


Woking City is the location of the Dale-Guildford Council, the joint legislature of the Republic of New Dale and the Guildford Federal City.

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