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City of Poseidon
Città di Poseidon

Languages spoken Italian

Federation Federation of Poseidon
County Central District
Area 15 km2

Jurisdiction Atlantis.flag.png Federation of Atlantis
Mayor Donato De Lellis

Registered inhabitants 21
Inhabitants (de facto) 8

Foundation 19 February, 1995
Merge 2 February, 2010

Time zone UTC +1

Poseidon is the capital city of the Federation of Atlantis, the largest city and political and institutional center of the Federation. Located in central Italy in the region of Campania, the city was the center of many events of the Republic like the Atlantis Civil War. Poseidon is growing and today the city is also the headquarters of the Atlantis Space Agency.


During the Atlantis Civil War

In the early times Poseidon has been annected to the territory of the Republic of Atlantis and has becomed the Capital of the Republic. At the first time the Mayor of the city has been Sante Carbone, until the begin of the Civil War. The territory was also used for all kind of military exercitations. After the facts of the Civil War of Atlantis the territory was occupied by the Liberation Army leaded by Sante Carbone. The troops tooke control of the main building of the Capital and formed a new Republic. The territory was all occupied by the AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army until the 28 September 2010 and there are tractives between the Republic of Atlantis and the new Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis for the rule of territory.

Battle of Poseidon

On the afternoon of September 18, Manuel De Felice and an armed group of rebels opened fire (with an airsoft gun) against an Atlantis soldier of the Army in neutral territory. Soon after, the Atlantis Army and Marine Commando counterattacked using airsoft guns as well. At the end of the battle the AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army surrendered to the Atlantis Armed Forces.

Alhough Manuel De Felice was the Chief of Staff and Vice President of the Autonom Republic, he confessed that the group did not act in name of their Republic. All the rebels involved in the battle were arrested by the Atlantis Armed Forces. De Felice was later released, and together with Virgili later wrote a treaty of surrender. This part of the battle still remains uncertain, as the rebels and in particular Carbone, claim that De Felice never signed a document of armistice.

Poseidon divided in two parts

The 28 September 2010 the Republic of Atlantis considering unstable the situation of the north part of the capital, established an autonom government respect the rest of the governorate while not recognizing the north part as an autonom nation. Also, all link with north Poseidon was closed by the south part. Always hoping to end the conflict with the diplomacy, the diplomatic embargo last long. The 27 was created a new flag of South Poseidon.

Although the fighting had ceased weeks ago, the war didn't end until October 26, 2010, when the Treaty of Empire City was signed.

Poseidon today

Poseidon from the end of the Atlantis Civil War until now is the center of the life of the Republic. Demographically the most populous is an active city with political, military and institutional life. Today Poseidon is also the headquarters of the Atlantis Space Agency and of the IMTO Court of Justice.


Picture Name Political Party Term start Term end
1 Sante Carbone SocialDemocratic 2 February 2010 13 September 2010
2 Eddie Pedersen SocialDemocratic 13 September 2010 1 November 2010
3 Andrea Rao SocialDemocratic 1 November 2010 20 July 2012
4 Donato De Lellis National 20 July 2012

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