IMTO Court of Justice

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Court of Justice
Logo of the IMTO Court of Justice
Org typeJustice organ
HeadHead of the Court of Justice
Position Terminated
Established25th September 2011

The IMTO Court of Justice (also referred to as COJ) was the primary judicial organ of the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization. Its main functions were to settle legal, territorial and political disputes submitted to it by states and to provide advisory opinions on legal questions submitted to it by duly authorized international organs and agencies.

The Court of Justice was made up of all members of IMTO and is controlled by the alliance as a peaceful way to avoid wars in a unbiased environment.


After the passing of Resolution 34 on March 13, 2012, the Court of Justice was dissolved, citing a lack of need, the inability to physically punish those convicted of crimes and to try and limit the possibility of another Hamlingate incident.